Friday, November 3, 2017

Bahamas Cruise Day 4 (Freeport)

Day 4 of our cruise was spent in Freeport.  We began the morning with another breakfast on the open deck.  I love eating outside.

While eating, the boys got to watch several boats down below. They were fascinated to see all of the work taking place around us.

They also enjoyed watching shipping crates being loaded onto this ship.

I think they would have spent the whole day just watching the workers do their jobs.

some cruise ships being worked on in the distance

Here they are playing a game of ping pong while we waited for our turn to get off the ship.

A beautiful view from our ship.  The water there was just gorgeous!

 Our family ready for a fun day in Freeport, Bahamas

We had a glass bottom boat excursion planned for the day.  We loaded into a van and traveled across the island to catch our boat. 

 walking the pier to catch our boat

our family on the glass bottom boat tour in Freeport

He was ready to see some fish. 

Looking down at the glass bottom to see if any fish were swimming by.

a shark swimming under the boat

We did not spend much time looking through the glass bottom. We could see more fish from the sides of the boat.  We could not believe all of the fish we saw.

We bought some food for the boys to feed to the fish.  There were fish everywhere!  It was so pretty.


they loved feeding them

me and Cruz enjoying a beautiful day in Freeport  

I had done some research on this excursion and we didn't book it just for the glass bottom boat experience.  What attracted me to this particular activity was the reviews I read, and the youtube videos I watched about it.  My boys love sharks.  What this excursion offered was some amazing, up-close views of sharks swimming in the ocean.   The videos I watched were cool but they did not compare to seeing it in person.  It was amazing and the boys were blown away.  It was so much fun!


watching the sharks and the fish swim right beneath us

There were a bunch of them.  It did make me a little nervous.

At one point our guide lowered a dead fish and caught one of the sharks.  He pulled it up for all of us to see.  Can you imagine how excited my boys were? Oh, they just squealed!

Cruz said it was the "best day ever"

headed back to shore

When we returned to the port we did a little shopping before we got back on board the ship.  The boys chose some wooden swords to take home.

pretending to be pirates

 our towel art waiting for us in our room

We had a nice supper in the dining room but dessert was what I waited for all day.  One of my favorite dessert choices of all is the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake.  It is a Carnival cruise favorite. I had this every night but one.  It is so delicious! 

The boys went to Club Ocean and we went to the evening show.  When we picked Ben up that night this is how we found him.  He was so proud of his web.  They had a creepy, crawly themed night in class.  As if he had not already had enough excitement that day he got to spend his night learning about bugs, spiders, and insects.  Have I mentioned what a fun trip this was?  We really did have a blast!

We had one more day of fun at sea before our trip came to an end.  I'll share how we wrapped it up tomorrow.

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