Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Road Trip 2017 Post 1 of 3

Last Thursday afternoon we headed out to begin a two week road trip.  We had originally planned a three week trip but due to Hurricane Irma we had to delay our leave time to let the storm pass over.  The major focus of our trip was to visit our two partner churches in South Carolina but like most all trips I take I had plans to squeeze in any and all extras I could along the way.  We were excited to get on the road knowing all the fun things we had planned for the days ahead. 

heading out on our road trip to South Carolina

The boys love telling jokes these days so I gave Cruz a new book to enjoy on the trip.  He loved it!  He thinks it is just for fun and does not realize my ultimate goal was just to keep him reading while traveling.

crossing into Alabama 

We most always stop at the Alabama Welcome Center.  It is a pretty place to walk around and stretch your legs.  We also picked up a few brochures and travel coupons inside.

 They had a lot of pretty fall decorations on display.  I love fall!

me and the boys at the Alabama Welcome Center

We had planned to make it all the way to Georgia that evening but because we were late getting on the road we ended up spending the night in Montgomery, AL.  We stopped for supper at Zaxby's and then thanks to our travel coupon book got a great deal on a hotel room for the night.

Friday was Sept. 15 which is Independence Day in Guatemala.  We got up with our other home on our minds and missing all the fun celebrations that were taking place in Guatemala.  We dressed in our flag colors and took a few photos before going to breakfast and getting back on the road.

celebrating Guatemala's Independence Day 2017 
This was our first time in eleven years to not be in Guatemala for the Quince.  We were a little sad about that.

Since 2012 I have been taking Cruz's picture with the flag.  We usually go to the parade in Camotan and I have taken his photo each year in the Central Park.

Cruz in 2017

We drove on into Georgia that morning and made it to our host family before lunch.  We had plans for an overnight visit with the Pearsons in Newnan.  They are one of our favorite families!

They took us out to lunch at a lovely restaurant called City Cafe in Fayetteville, GA. 

Mr. Gary wanted to take the boys to a place called Monkey Joe's.  He thought they would love it and they did.  It is filled with inflatables and arcade games.  We spent some time there that afternoon.

We had supper in their home that evening and then sat around visiting until we were all ready for bed.  On Saturday morning Mrs. Joyce served the most delicious Southern style breakfast.  She invited a few more guest over to enjoy it with us.  It was the best meal with some of the best company.

breakfast at the Pearsons 

The first mission team we hosted after arriving on the mission field was led by Mr. Gary and Mrs. Joyce.  It was back in March 2007.  There were four couples on that team and we have loved each of them since the moment we met.  We just cannot describe the bond that you build with mission teams.  You spend one week with people and then you love them forever. 

Our family with the Beasons and the Pearsons.  Both families were on that first team. They love missions, they love Guatemala, and we are blessed by the way they love us.

The Pearson's son Tabb and part of his family.  They have also been to Guatemala several times and served with us in our Kekchi days.

the boys with Mr. Gary and Mrs. Joyce

playing at the Pearsons

Playing with two of the Pearson's grandkids before getting back on the road

We left Georgia on Saturday continuing on to South Carolina.   The boys passed a lot of time in the car watching movies.  The also did a lot of snacking on fun foods like popcorn. 

crossing into South Carolina

We stopped at the South Carolina Welcome Center and enjoyed a picnic lunch.   It was a beautiful, sunny day and we enjoyed the fresh air and cool breezes.

There was plenty of outdoor space for the boys to run around and stretch their legs.  

an old building near the South Carolina Welcome Center

Welcome to South Carolina!

We still had a few more hours to drive before arriving in Mount Pleasant and this is how the boys passed much of that time. 

We arrived at our host home around 5:00 on Saturday evening to a very warm welcome.  We had a delicious hamburger cookout for supper and enjoyed catching up around the table with friends.  Our host family is also previous mission team members.  We were excited about getting to spend the week with them in their home and getting to know their area a little better. 

We are having a fabulous time here and I will share more about that in my next two posts.  I'll try to do an overview of the work side and then the fun side of our trip. 
We are having a blast in the Palmetto State!

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