Saturday, July 2, 2016

Our Week

Week two in the States was another busy one.  We squeezed in a lot of fun activities and a lot of good food (and I'll be squeezing in all of my clothes by the time we return to Guatemala but we won't talk about that, ha).  Here is a look at how we spent the week-

I already posted about our visit to Lake Chautauqua on Monday morning.  On Monday afternoon we drove down to Brookhaven to see Finding Dory.  It was such a cute movie!  It was Ben's first trip to the theater.   He was excited.

                                                                 Ben's first trip to the theater. 

me and my boys ready for the movie to begin

When the movie ended we saw our nephew Sawyer there.  He was in the same movie as us and we didn't know it.

Afterwards we used a gift card we had and ate supper at Cracker Barrel.  We all had breakfast food for supper.  It was so delicious.

The boys playing checkers at Cracker Barrel in Brookhaven.

You know I love to make pancakes so David bought me a mix from the Cracker Barrel store.  We have eaten them twice this week already.

We spent three mornings this week swimming at Memaw's pool.  Here is Cruz on one of those mornings jumping off the diving board.

Napping on our drive to Jackson on Tuesday afternoon.
On Tuesday night David's cousin took us out to eat at Cock of the Walk on the Reservoir in Jackson.

the boys watching the ducks at Cock of the Walk before we ate supper

our family at the Reservoir

There was a snake swimming in the water and the boys were watching it.  I zoomed in to take this picture because I got far away from it.  I am so afraid of snakes!

David and some of his family at Cock of the Walk

David with his mother and grandmother

David's sister Robin, his grandmother Mary, and his mother Linda

One of the things on my list to purchase for Cruz while in the States was his own Bible.  I have plans to mark all of the memory verses he learned in kindergarten and add the new ones he memorizes each school year.   It will hopefully become a keepsake that he will treasure later in life.  He was very excited about picking it out.  I wish I would have had it to present to him at his graduation program but I did not. 

We purchased it and then left it to have his name engraved on it.  After our meal we went back by to pick it up.  He got to go in with David to get it.  Here they are walking back to the car.  My boy is growing up fast.

Cruz with his new Bible

Here is Cruz pretending to read the story of Jonah to Ben on the drive back home.  Ben was way more interested in the movie he was watching than his brother.  I need to work on that story a little more with Cruz.  He didn't get it exactly correct but he did well.  He is learning and it makes me proud.

On the way home we saw the red neon sign at Krispy Kreme.  Who can resist that?

me and Ben watching donuts being made at Krispy Kreme


Here is what we have been reading this week.  I checked this out from the library.  My boys really enjoyed it.

On Wednesday night Memaw kept the boys and we had a quick date night.  We enjoyed the early bird special at the Wynndale Steak House.  Afterwards we visited the new Byram Wal-Mart to pick up a few supplies.

I took my mom to a doctors appointment on Thursday morning in Flowood and then we ate a late breakfast at the Corner Bakery Cafe.  I always enjoy our time together.

On Thursday night we drove to Canton with the Browns to the launch party of the Mississippi Championship Hot Air Balloon Fest.  It's always a lively, fun time when we get together!  I'll post about that next.

On Friday we stayed home all day.  It was the first time for me to do that on this trip home.  I needed it.  I washed clothes, rested, and caught up on some things I needed to do.  That night my mom took us out to supper at Stark's in Hazlehurst.  After eating we drove down to Lake Hazle to feed the ducks again.  We love that.

Mimi and the boys at Lake Hazle

our family at Lake Hazle on Friday night

feeding the ducks and fish at Lake Hazle

We came home and finished packing our bags.  Why?  Because today we head out on a little vacation within our vacation to the Gulf Coast with David's family.  For the next several days this will be our view from our beach house porch.
I can't wait to hear the waves crashing and feel the breezes blowing.  I also can't wait to just sit still a little while and relax.  We have been on the go so much lately.  I am hoping this will be a time to just chill out.  I'll be sure to take a few pictures to share.  We anticipate a fun time there with family.

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