Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cruz's Last Day of Kindergarten and His Graduation

Here is a look at our last day of school for the kindergarten year.

Like all holidays and special occasions I did a little decorating on the night before.  I hung a few streamers across Cruz's door.  He had to break out the next morning.  He liked that.

the boy's door

I also hung balloons and streamers in the kitchen/ dining room

I had planned to do sunshine shaped pancakes for summer but instead Cruz asked for a capital letter C and a lower case letter c.  I made what he wanted.

last day of kindergarten pancakes

Ben overhearing his brother asked for a capital number 4 and a lower case number 4, ha

last day of school breakfast

We took a few pictures before starting school that day.

Hooray, we made it!!!

me and my boys celebrating the last day of school

silly boys

I surprised Cruz with silly string spray when he walked into the school room.  He was not expecting it at all.  It was fun!

Last Day of School questionnaire 

I had him a cap and gown made to take pictures in and it was supposed to be ready by Friday.  It was not.  We had a weekend trip planned into Guatemala City so it was Monday when I picked it up.  Late that afternoon when the sun went down and it wasn't quite as hot I dressed him and we took a few graduation pictures. 

That evening we had a little family program to celebrate the end of the kindergarten year.  Because my boys had just been to a high school graduation in Guatemala City over the weekend they were familiar with what we were doing. 

Ben carrying the flag

Marching in for his kindergarten program.
I have no idea why he circled the couch.  Some days I just shake my head.

ready to say the Pledge of Allegiance

In school each day after we say the pledge we either sing My Country Tis of Thee or the Star Spangled Banner.  We rotate the songs each day.  I should have used our school CD for the song but instead I just pulled up a random version on YouTube and played it on my phone.  As you can see from the video below it was a little different version than what they were used to and it was like they were hearing it for the first time.  ha  They just stood there confused looking but I love how Cruz ends it with a little motion.  

I gave an opening speech mostly praising Cruz for his hard work and overall great attitude about school and learning.  Afterwards David gave a devotion and shared several scriptures with Cruz.  In the end we all gathered around him and each took turns praying over him.   It was a sweet time for our family.

Ben "following along" in the Bible as David read the scriptures.

me presenting Cruz with his certificate

Good job, Cruz!

his reaction!!!

In Guatemala they shoot fireworks for most all celebrations so Cruz asked if we could shoot some that night.  We only had some sparklers but that was enough to make them happy.

a fun memory for my boys

I know it's just kindergarten and that we didn't have any deep, tough subjects this year but I still felt a great deal of pride for having completed it.  Teaching basic skills, reading, and a love for learning takes a LOT of patience.   It also takes a lot of my time and energy.   It was not always easy,  but overall it was fun.  I gained confidence in teaching and he gained confidence in learning.  It also strengthened the bond that we have with each other and I wouldn't trade that for anything in this world!  It was an accomplishment for everyone.

And then I hear this song and I cry every single time!  Anybody else love this song as much as I do?

We had his kindergarten graduation and his 6th birthday all in the same week.  It was a hard and busy week for me.  Not many other weeks have screamed "he's growing up" quite as loud as this one.  I shed a few tears over the week and my heart hurt a lot.  I realized again like never before that my time with my boys is short.  It reminded me that I only have 12 more years to invest in Cruz before he's off and gone.  Twelve years is a really short time in the span of a life.  We have a lot of work to do to lead and guide him over the next few years.  I am praying now harder than ever that God would help me to do it well and get it right.  Parenting is a tough job but I plan to hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

1st grade, here we come!!!

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