Friday, July 1, 2016

Lake Chautauqua

On Monday morning we made a visit to Lake Chautauqua to walk the Tree Top Trail and let the kids play.  It is one of the things I always like to do when we are home.  Lake Chautauqua is in our hometown of Crystal Springs.  It is a nice place to be outdoors, get fresh air, and let the boys burn off some energy. 

Larsen and Ben

Ben saw an "X" on the map and told me there was gold.  I think he has been watching a little too much Jake and the Pirates, ha.

Larsen and Ben

walking the Tree Top Trail

Larsen, Ben, me, and Cruz

at Lake Chautauqua

David and the boys at Lake Chautauqua

There are not many kids who grew up here that didn't play on this merry go round.  I want my boys to have memories of it also.

picnic lunch in the park at Lake Chautauqua

they enjoyed playing on the playground equipment


my boys will always find a tree to climb

crossing the swinging bridge

racing across the swinging bridge

family fun!

Lake Chautauqua

watching the ducks

It was a really fun morning.  We all had a great time.  Days like this are my favorite.

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