Monday, June 6, 2011

A Possible New Vision

We spent most all of last week traveling the backroads of Eastern Guatemala.  We met our friends David and Glynis Miller in the town of Chiquimula and spent a couple days traveling out from there.  It was our first time to ever go to that part of Guatemala and we were impressed.  Chiquimula is a large place.  It seemed to us larger than Coban.  They have TWO Paiz's (chain grocery store).  There is a large shopping mall, food court, McDonald's, Pollo Campero, and much more.   We liked it right away, but living here, who wouldn't like to visit somewhere a little more modern.  haha 
This is a map of Guatemala.  The department of Chiquimula is shown in dark green.  It borders Honduras.  It was a seven hour drive, one way, to get there.  We currently are working in the large department in the northern part of the country.  You can see just how large the Peten is compared to the other departments.

The purpose of our trip was to get a vision for the Ch'orti' people group.  They are one of the few remaining unreached people groups in Guatemala.  They are less than 2% reached.  Our trip seemed similar to the prayer teams we lead among the K'ekchi'.  We spent our time traveling from village to village seeing firsthand the areas where there is no gospel witness.  It broke our hearts to realize so many people there have not yet had the opportunity to accept Christ.  There is definitely a need for work in that area. 

We will now begin to promote the Ch'orti' people group to the K'ekchi' people group and begin asking them to pray for them.  In doing so, our prayer is that God would call out one of the K'ekchi' to begin working among the Ch'orti' to help reach them.  Would you join us in that prayer?
Here are a few of the views we saw while there.  It is a mountainous area and reminded us a lot of the Lanquin/ Cahabon part of Alta Verapaz.  We saw some beautiful scenery!

You will notice the dirt roads on the photo above.  The Miller's have spent many, many days over the past two years riding up and down almost every road in this area.  They have hand drawn a map of the area listing all of the roads and villages that are there.  It is very impressive and we are amazed at the great job they have done!  They list every village, an estimate of how many people live there, and what churches, if any, are there.  It is sad to see just how many villages they have marked as unreached.  Not only did they make this map for themselves, but they made one for us as well.  We plan to hang ours in our office and use it to begin to pray specifically for some of the unreached villages.  Soon we will begin to ask you all to pray for those villages, by name, as well.

Here are David and Glynis at one of our rest stops.  David is holding the map they made and trying to see where we might drive to next.

Cruz enjoyed getting to see this piece of heavy equipment up close.  He likes trucks, motorcycles, loud cars, and especially likes playing with the tires on all of these things.  He is 100% boy.

One afternoon we drove over to the neighboring town of Esquipulas.  This is a photo taken at the lookout over the city.  We visited the Basilica (the large white building) there that is a famous landmark in Guatemala.  It houses the black Jesus that thousands flock to see each year. 

We had a great time of fellowship together while in the car, at the motel, and over many meals.  We are thankful for their taking the time to show us around and help us understand the people and area a little more.  We will now spend some time praying to see what the Lord might have, if anything, for us to be involved in with the Ch'orti'.  Will you pray for us as well?  We will keep you updated as we know more.
David, Cruz, Glynis, me, and David

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  1. We had reports from the Millers when they stopped by Coban to join in a meal with Fran and the McGriff's on Friday. I'm impressed with your call to share the vision with the Kekchi leaders and send them out! May God open the doors and open your hearts to dream with Him.


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