Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our Week in a Nutshell

Since returning home last Friday we have been overrun with the neighbors coming by.  It's been nice to visit and catch up, but at the same time we had a lot of unpacking, cleaning up, and getting settled back in to do.  That is kind of hard when you have a house full of kids.  We took one day and didn't allow any visits so we could get it all done (most of it anyway).  That was a nice day.

Last Sunday we visited Templo Bautista Cristo es la Roca in Linterna 1.  We had a great time of worship with the believers there.  After being gone for a few weeks we were looking forward to getting back among the K'ekchi' people. 
David and Cruz before we left the house

After church it turned in to a little photo shoot with a few of the pastor's family members that all wanted a picture with Cruz.  He was hot, tired, and hungry but let us take a couple with him.
I can't believe he is standing already!
Cruz and I walking the trail back to the car 

This past Wednesday David helped do another recording for the "Institute of the Air".  They got twelve stories recorded and they should begin airing sometime this month on the K'ekchi' radio stations.  Please continue to pray God's anointing on this ministry.  Many hear these stories aired over the radio and call in to the radio stations to request someone to go visit them and share with them more.  Many K'ekchi' churches have been planted as a result of this ministry. 
Abilino, Manuel, Victoriano, and Adilio 

We were happy to have the Stamps drive up to visit with us on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.  We enjoyed their fellowship very much. (I forgot to take a photo)

On Friday we headed up north to run some errands and buy some groceries.  It was a hectic day as not much of anything that we had planned went as we had planned it to.  It was "one of those days".  We returned home to find that our water tank was out of water.  It's been near 100 degress here everyday this week and we don't have a/c so we have been enjoying our evening showers (and needing them too, haha).   So, instead we took turns pouring bottled water over ourselves so we could at least rinse off.  You can buy a five gallon jug of bottled water for around $2.00 so it wasn't much of a waste and it sure made me feel better.  We hope the town turns the water on today so we can fill our tank back up!

Today we will be attending a picnic with some other missionary families that live around here.  Can't wait to experience that!

Tomorrow we will be back at the mission in La Libertad.  We are anxious to see how they are doing and if they have a new pastor yet.  Please pray for the services we will be having there.

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