Monday, March 7, 2011

Leading at La Libertad

On Sunday we returned to the mission in La Libertad to worship with them.  We arrived a few minutes early and were greeted at the car by several of the children.  They had remembered us from our previous visit and knew we were coming.  They took Cruz right away and pretty much played with and entertained him the whole time we were there.  It was nice.  It was a small crowd just as we had expected.  There were less than twenty people present.  David was asked to teach the Sunday School lesson as well as preach the message (a first in K'ekchi').  He went prepared just in case this happened.  We also both led them in a few hymns and choruses.  One thing we loved was the fact that they do not have a lot of sound equipment.  The only music we had was a guitar that one of the men played.  It was a refreshing break from our regular loud Sunday services. 

Last week we talked with several leaders in the Association and they told us they were working on getting a pastor for this mission.  The mission has it's anniversary service on the 18th of this month (we will sadly not be here to attend it), and they are hoping to name someone before then.  One of the men in the church discussed this with the people while we were there.  They are excited.  Please pray they will get a pastor soon, and that he will help them grow and reach their community.

After the service they fed us tamales.  We were the only two who were fed.  They served us in the church and everyone else sat by and watched us eat.  I never enjoy eating when this happens.  It's hard for us to eat in front of them knowing most of them are hungry.  They sent us home with extra tamales that we enjoyed for our dinner on Sunday night. 

They wanted to know when we could come back again.  We made plans to return the first Sunday in April, whether they have a new pastor or not.  We hope to continue to visit from time to time to check on them and offer them encouragement.  They are a sweet group of people and we hope to get to know them better.
David with the three men who were present

Cruz and I with the ladies and young girls

Cruz with the children. 
These girls kept him well entertained for me.

Please continue to pray for this mission, it's members, and it's future pastor.  We look forward to our return visit soon!

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  1. Praying for this body of believers! Thanks for making their needs known.


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