Friday, November 5, 2010

And So The Fun Begins...

First things first, as many of you already know, but some may not that my Paw Paw (my Mom's dad) passed away on Wednesday.  I have appreciated all of the kind messages and all of the prayers from many of you.  His visitation will be tonight and the funeral tomorrow afternoon.  I am sad to not be there in person, but will be sending my thoughts and prayers that way.  Please continue to keep my family in your prayers.  You can click HERE and HERE to see a few photos of us with him while we were just in the States.  I'll treasure that visit for ever.

We have been hard at work in our house trying to get it livable.  We've been spending our days there and our nights at a local motel.  We've been enjoying instant oatmeal for breakfast.  We took our coffee pot and heat hot water to mix it with.  The bad thing is we forgot spoons so we are making it a little soupy and drinking it.  ha  Two mornings we have eaten at a local place.  For lunch, everyday, it's been peanut butter sandwiches and chips.  Without refrigeration and cooking utensils we have been limited on what we can fix, quick.  We have eaten dinner- hamburgers, hot dogs, and nachos, everynight at a local coffee shop.  It's been fun and I am sure we'll get a lot of laughs out of these days in the future. 

David has spent a good amount of time prepping and cleaning everything to be painted.  He goes overboard, to me, on this but it's always nice in the end. 
there are wires and plugs just hanging everywhere
no swine flu here, but who knows what else we're breathing, lol

The walls had a ton of nails and staples that had to be removed.  David caulked in all of the holes they left.

some of our supplies

Nothing like a coat of Guatemalan green to liven up the place.
Cruz has played well while we work.

me giving the sink it's first (of many) scrubbings

I am SOO thankful for these

We had a man come by Thursday to talk to him about building cabinets/ shelves underneath the counter.  He will be back on Monday to take measurements and hopefully get to work on those soon.

the counter after a lot of clorox and scrubbing 

the sink after it's first scrub

sooo glad to have this!!!  I love these soaps! 

We drove into Coban this morning and are busy washing clothes and getting another load together to take back home.  We'll drive back to Sayaxche tomorrow.  Busy, busy days!


  1. Sayaxche is a very cool area, I did a short river trip out of there last time I was in Guatemala. I used the town as a rest stop, took an extra day to sleep, read and relax before I went back to my road trip. I enjoyed sitting on the patio overlooking the Reo Pasion watching the people cross the river. A simple thing like that was one of the highlights of my last trip into Guatemala's back country.
    I'll bookmark your blog. I have been into your area a few times over the last 10 years, it has been interesting following the development in such a short time.

  2. Hey, things are looking good. I know y'all have a lot more work to do, but I know David will "do it right" the first time. Ha Ha. Can't wait to see the progress. Sorry to hear about your Paw Paw. Glad y'all got to come home when you did. RLB


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