Thursday, October 7, 2010

Going to Granny's

One of the things I was most looking forward to while home was getting a photo of Cruz with my grandmother.  She turned 95 in June.  Since Cruz was born I've been wanting to take him home to see her.  She had a fit over him! 
Cruz with my Granny Annie
I just adore my Granny! 
Cruz with my 90 year old grandfather. 
He just kept saying, "he's a fat boy".  lol 
I wouldn't give anything for having that time with them and for them to get to hold Cruz for a while.  I could have stayed all day and just let them hold him. 
Mrs. Marzell also stopped by to see Cruz.  She is the mother of one of my dear sweet friends growing up.  
me with Mrs. Marzell

me with my Granny

My mom took Cruz outside to swing.  As you can see, he loves it! 
We are having a wonderful visit and enjoying seeing so many people.  Cruz is doing well being passed around from person to person.  He doesn't seem to mind at all and loves all of the attention.

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  1. Awe! That is so sweet! So nice you're able to visit with loved ones.


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