Sunday, October 17, 2010

Food, Family, and Fun

On Wednesday my Mom cooked dinner for a lot of my family.  I always enjoy my Mom's cooking!
David, Cruz, me, and my Mom

Uncle Alvin, Cruz, Aunt Carolyn, me, and Aunt Nita

Uncle Mike (my Mom's twin brother), Cruz, and Aunt Diane

Everytime we've been home for a visit she always asks what I would like for her to cook, and I always say- roast, carrots, and potatos. 
and a pecan pie! 
We also had lima beans, creamed corn, rolls, and turtle cake.

Uncle Alvin, Cruz, and Aunt Carolyn

David and Cruz

Cruz playing with my Mama's phone

While there we also got to visit my grandparents again. 
My Paw Paw kept saying, "he's a fat boy" ha 
My Granny and Cruz

Cruz and I with my grandparents 

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  1. Love the picture of Cruz with your grandparents! So Sweet! The picture of Cruz and your grandmother is just precious!!! He is growing up to fast!


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