Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update On Our Crates

Back in March of this year we packed up all of our belongings into wooden storage crates to be shipped to Guatemala.  We were not sure when we would see them again.  Click here and here to see photos of that.  So you can imagine when we heard that they were shipping our crates to Guatemala it was a happy day.  When we got the call that it had arrived in country it was another happy day.   Then last week we were excited to go to the warehouse to meet with Customs about all of our stuff.  Beforehand, we had to make a detailed list of EVERYTHING inside including a sale value.  That was tidious and timely but part of the process.  When they opened our crates they could have taken everything out and checked it by our lists but instead it was a very simple, easy process.  They opened all three crates but only took out one small box to inspect it.  It contained a shoe rack.  It was a blessing that something that could have been a major ordeal turned in to something very quick and hasslefree.  Praise the Lord!
here's where we went

Once we arrived we had to wait a while for everyone else to show up.  It gave me time to feed the baby.  Here's David burping him after his feeding.  He is good about helping me in this way!

I couldn't resist this photo. 
 Looks like someone is going to have to work on their BMI soon, lol.

Inside the warehouse. 
This was just the corner where our stuff was.  It's actually a HUGE place.

 opening our first crate
 we were just glad nothing fell out because they were packed so full!

Cruz was a great supervisor and also a great distraction.  The customs agents were more interested in him and asking questions about him than they were about our stuff.  lol 

 our second crate

this is how he was the whole time- laid back, calm, and never made a peep, just a few smiles for the people there.  What a sweet baby he is!
 our third crate
We were not able to get anything out of them but just seeing our stuff made us happy! 

 We then had to reseal all of them.  This is Jorge who works for our mission office.  He went with us and was a great help!

After we left the mission had someone pick up our crates and move them to a storage facility in the City.  They will be held there until we finish school, find a place to live, and get ready for them.  We CAN'T WAIT for that day when we can unpack our stuff, see what all we have, and put it into our own home.  It is going to be like Christmas I know!


  1. I'm sure that it's better than Christmas! So blessed by everything you've given up to share the name of Jesus.

  2. Cruz will become more and more of a supervisor I'm sure. Glad everything went OK with your crates. RLB.


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