Friday, March 12, 2010

Moving Day #1

It's been a long day of moving for us as we have attempted to take our first load of things to the shipping company to load into our crates that we will be sending to Guatemala.  We have been in contact with the company every day this week making sure we can come today and that they were ready for us.  We rented a U-Haul late yesterday afternoon and David spent the night getting all of our things loaded into it.  We left first thing this morning heading to Jackson to unload it.  The good thing about the day were the beautiful blue skies and nice weather!
the truck was HUGE! I can't believe you do not have to have a special license to drive it.
When we arrived, we were told our crates were NOT ready. The owner "forgot" to tell his employees we were coming.
We had to wait two hours for them to finish putting them together before we could begin working.
David had Nickey help him both days.  I joked that after all the hard work we have put him through that he is going to block our number from his phone, ha.  He was a blessing and we could not have done it without him!
David and Nickey
this crate is completely full!  There is very little else that we could squeeze into it.
We still have a "little" that we can add to these two.  We will return next Friday to finish them and seal them up for shipping.

Not much about the day went very smooth.  David says it's good preparation for our return to Guatemala, lol.  We are about to pack and make a five hour drive (like we have energy for that) to Gulf Shores, Alabama for a family vacation trip.  We are hoping the rest of the weekend/ next week goes smoother.  Can't wait for some fun in the sun and relaxation!


  1. Sorry it was such a hard day moving. . . so things don't go smoothly in the States either as planned. Day by day and with each passing moment strength you'll find to meet whatever comes next. . . Enjoy your rest!

  2. Ahh, the joys of crating. Glad you at least got a good start on it. Enjoy your vacation in Gulf Shores. If you make it over to Fairhope, drop in on my brother at LyonsShare Art Gallery and tell him hello for me. Blessings on you both as you finish up STAS and return to Guate.


  3. It was good to see what an actual crate looks like. Sorry it was a rough day. Hope you enjoy your vacation. We have been packing all week and will crate on Wednesday. Hopefully we will have better luck.


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