Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moving Day #2

Friday's goal was to finalize our crates and get them ready for shipping.  On the way to Jackson to do that we had several stops along the way to pick up gifts from people to add to it.  One of those stops was to meet our friend Misty to pick up some paintings she did for Cruz's nursery.  They were beautiful and we were tickled she made them for us!!  I can't wait until we get settled so I can hang them.
Misty and I
She also painted these blocks with his name.  Each one will hold a photo.
We were glad she brought the kids so we could see them one more time.  They are growing soo fast!
Paden, Paige, Misty, Emily Grace, David, and I
This is a few of the "fillers" I had brought to stuff in the empty spaces of our crates. 
we had them pretty full
we moved and shifted things several times and finally made room for a few extra things.  We made a quick trip to the store and was able to buy a small bbq grill- one thing I really wanted to take but didn't think we had room for.  That made my day!!
David and Nickey had to completely take it apart and we squeezed all the pieces in the crate.  We still can't believe everything fit!
One completed crate sealed up
Two happy people!! 
We were very glad to finish this and walk away from it.  It was not an easy task.  Now we have to take our lists of EVERYTHING in our crates and translate them into Spanish.  Should be fun, huh??
This is my favorite photo of all- it shows the man nailing our last crate shut.  Woo Hoo!  We don't know when we will see our things again (many months) but we know that will be a happy day.  We look forward to the day we can get moved into our own place again, set up house, and be settled.  That will be a happy day as well!

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