Friday, January 26, 2018

Medical Update

Capsule endoscopy 

During a capsule endoscopy procedure, you swallow a tiny camera that's about the size of a large vitamin pill. The capsule contains lights to illuminate your digestive system, a camera to take images, and an antenna that sends those images to a recorder you wear on a belt.

Yesterday I had a capsule endoscopy procedure done.  The purpose was to determine a cause for my continued low iron levels.  The procedure itself was not bad. The hardest part was the prep you had to do before swallowing the camera pill.  It is similar to prepping for a colonoscopy which I can tell you is no fun!  I had to be at the clinic at 8:00 a.m. to get the monitor hooked up to me and then to swallow the camera.  After that I was free to leave and continue with my normal daily routine.  I returned at 4:00 to have the monitor removed.  The camera takes thousands of pictures of your digestive tract.  The doctor will now look through those images and will let me know the results in a week or so.   I am so relieved to have this test behind me.  We will now patiently wait to hear the results.  Hopefully I will get a clear report and we will be another step closer to returning to Guatemala. 

Cruz took this photo of me during school on Thursday wearing my monitor.  The boys thought I looked funny with it on.  I was tired and sluggish from lack of sleep and food but yet insisted on getting in a full day of school. Yes, I am wearing pajama pants.  I came home from the clinic and put them back on.  At least some part of my body needed to be comfortable.  ha  

I had not had any solid foods since breakfast on Wednesday.  I was starving.  When we left the clinic that afternoon we drove straight to the Mexican restaurant for an early supper.  

David also surprised me with a king cake that we had for dessert when we got back home that night.  My guys take such good care of me!

Needless to say I went to bed with a full, happy tummy.

I have a follow-up appointment on February 5.  Once we get the results of this test and have that appointment we will know more about our return.  I will post an update when we know more.  In the meantime please continue to pray that I get good results and that I can get a clean bill of health soon.  We are ready to get back to work.

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