Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Life Lately

Now that school is back in session most of my time is filled with that.  I feel like I am either in school or getting things ready for school.  Homeschooling is like having a full time job, but it is a job that I love.  We did squeeze in a few fun activities over the past week though.  In this post I'll be sharing some of the random photos I took from those.

The boys were gifted this huge container of cheese balls.  Here is Cruz during lunch last Monday enjoying a few of them.  It has become their snack of choice these days.

Last Tuesday evening we were invited to supper at the Sojourners.  In addition to swimming we enjoyed a delicious meal with their family.  It is always a treat to be with them.  

David and the boys feeding the fish in the Sojourner lake

They were fascinated to see all of the fish around the pier.  

We did our initial medical exams that our mission board requires back in March.  We are now trying to squeeze in a few follow-up appointments when we can.  Ben had to go and have some blood drawn last week.  He was a little nervous about it but did great.  He was tickled to get a blue sucker and a blue band-aid when it was over. 

It was not long before his teeth and tongue were blue too.

On Wednesday night we attended prayer meeting at Central Baptist Church in Brookhaven.  We have enjoyed getting to slip in and join them whenever we are free.

On Thursday morning as we were finishing breakfast and getting ready to start school we heard a loud thunder-like noise, some cracking and popping, and then a crash that shook the whole house.  We looked outside to see what had happened and saw that a large tree branch had fallen on the corner of the house.  It scared us all really bad but we were not hurt. 

The power is out until all the repairs are done so we moved around the block to the association mission office.  They have a bedroom set up there that we are sleeping in temporarily.  We drove down to McComb that night and ate supper with David's dad and stepmom.  In spite of our stressful day we had a nice meal and visit with them.

The tree removal company showed up early on Friday to start working on the clean up.  The boys were fascinated with all of their equipment. During our morning school break we walked over to let them watch the workers for a while. 

David trying to explain what the workers were doing.

The yard and debris has all been cleaned up.  Now we are waiting for the roof to be repaired so the electric company can return and restore power.  We are not sure how long this is going to take.  We are expecting several more days if not longer before we can return and live there again.

On Friday afternoon we took the boys out to burn off a little energy.  We visited the Jump and Jive in Brookhaven.  It is a room filled with all sorts of inflatables.  They had the best time and after 3 hours the only reason they were ready to leave is because they were hungry.

On Saturday morning David took the boys to Crystal Springs to visit his family.  I headed down to McComb to do a little shopping.  We have a big trip coming up in September and I needed to look for a few things to take on it.  That evening my mom and Mr. Thurman came down to see us and take us out for supper.  Before and after our meal we enjoyed playing a game of Phase 10. 

I love game nights!

While we were playing cards Cruz drew a picture of us all sitting around the table.   

On Sunday morning we drove to Silver Creek, MS to speak at Calvary Baptist Church.  The pastor, Bro. Trey, is one of our former youth ministry students.  He had us share there three years ago while on stateside and we were tickled when he wrote and invited us back.  It was great to visit with him and his family again.  It makes us proud to see him serving the Lord as pastor.

the boys ready for Sunday service

our family with the Spanglers

The church had a delicious covered dish luncheon after the service.  We love a good home cooked meal.

After eating the kids had a blast running around the gym and playing.  Here is a photo of our boys with the preacher's son and the deacon's son.  It was fun watching them play together.

our boys with Bro. Trey's kids

I took this picture on the drive back to Brookhaven.  It was a hot afternoon.

That evening we were back at Central Baptist for the showing of the film The Case For Christ.  It was a great movie and we look forward to joining them over the next few Sunday nights for the follow-up Bible study.  I am thinking it is going to be good.

Pray for our school week.  Pray for a speaking engagement that I have coming up this Thursday evening.  Pray also that we would be able to move back into the mission house soon and get settled back in.

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