Friday, December 16, 2016

Tidbits From Our Week

Most of my week has revolved around homeschool but I did take a few pictures to share that were not school related.  Here is a look at some of our activities this week.

On Monday afternoon we took Cruz to get his stitches out. It had been eight days since he cut his head.  He was very nervous about going back but did great. It was his third time to get stitches (fourth if you count the ones he got in his mouth when he knocked his tooth out at 2 years old).  You would think we would all be getting more used to the process by now. The doctor joked that he was going to give him a frequent customer card to get punched on his next visit. I sure hope that next visit is not anytime soon. It was precious to watch Ben coach him on how to stay calm, relax, and take deep breaths. They are typical siblings. They can be fighting and arguing one minute and then be so kind and compassionate the next.  I am very glad they have each other.

waiting on the doctor to come in and remove his stitches

I had promised Cruz some ice cream when he was done.  There is an ice cream shop near our grocery store and since I needed to pick up a few things I thought we'd stop by there before going back home.  He was excited about it until we got in the grocery check out line and he spotted a chocolate bar.  He quickly changed his mind and wanted that instead.  As you can see from his big smile below he was pretty happy with his choice.

chocolate makes all things better, right?

I posted about our Christmas trees earlier in the month but forgot to share a photo of our new family ornament for 2016.  I love collecting these and hanging them on my tree each year.  The last few years my mother in law has picked them out and made sure we got them here for Christmas.  Reminiscing through my ornament collection is one of my favorite things of the Christmas season.

our new ornament

Tuesday was recital day .  I forgot to add the next photo and video to my post about it.  Cruz's lessons are called "piano lessons" but he actually learns on a keyboard.  The place where we had the recital had a real piano off to the side of the stage although no one used it.  You can imagine my chuckle when Cruz looked over at me and asked "mama, what is that big brown thing over there?"  The keys were covered and he had no idea what it was.  When I told him it was a piano he gave me one of those Gary Coleman looks from the old sitcom Diff'rent Strokes.  ha   After the program we let him go over and check it out. 

 Cruz practicing "Jingle Bells" on the piano after his recital

On Wednesday evening we hosted the Lubecks for supper.  We love having them over several times throughout the year but my favorite time is always around Christmas. We had a good meal and then a great time of fellowship over coffee and dessert.  Anytime we have them in our home is a fun time.

our family with the Lubecks

She always brings the boys a little gift.  They are so kind to our boys.

We had Bible study in Muyurco on Thursday afternoon.  It had rained there earlier in the day which made the trail like a slip 'n slide.  I am always nervous that one of us is going to slip and get hurt when it's wet.  Thank the Lord we never have.

David and the boys hiking to Bible study.  

It was much cooler and windy up in the mountains than down below where we live.  We all took jackets with us and the boys and I huddled up while David taught.

I smiled when we arrived and I saw this little one.  He was wearing a track suit that we had passed down to him.  Both of my boys had worn it and now it is still getting used.  That makes me happy.

playing after Bible study

We didn't pass these boots down but we sure got a good laugh when we saw this little one playing in them.  Even village kids like playing in their parents shoes (although I could never imagine his mother wearing these anywhere) ha

We have been learning about the compass in Science this week and Cruz is now fascinated.  My cell phone has a compass on it and we are using it to learn.  He asked to walk with it on the trail back to the car and kept me constantly updated on which direction we were headed.  I love watching him learn new things.

We ended the night with a trip to the food court at our local mall.  As we were walking in we spotted a Santa display and the boys walked over to greet him.  Of course I had to take their picture.  I thought the display was very pretty.

So that wraps up our week so far.  We'll be busy finishing up our school week this morning and then we have some pretty fun plans for the weekend ahead.  I'm so excited and I'll be anxious to post some photos about it next week.  Happy Friday everyone!  I'm off to reheat my coffee, again, and try to get these boys in gear. 

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