Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cruz's First Recital

On Tuesday of this week Cruz had his first recital.  He takes piano lessons at a music school in Chiquimula called Centro de Estudios Musicales BASE.  The school has around 110 students taking lessons in piano, guitar, voice, and art.  Cruz began back in September and so far is doing great.  He goes for an hour every Tuesday afternoon.  We have been very pleased with the school and all of the staff.  He especially loves his teacher Miss Carolina. She does not speak English so he is learning in Spanish.  I consider it a Spanish lesson and music lesson all in one.

Because of the amount of students the recital was taking place every night this week Monday through Friday.  You could pick which night you wanted to attend.  We had initially picked Tuesday, then moved it to Friday, and then last minute moved it back to Tuesday.  I am sure we drove them crazy, ha.  There were 15 other students that performed with Cruz on Tuesday night.  We enjoyed watching the others just as much as watching Cruz.

Which ever day you chose you also had to attend rehearsal that morning.  That meant we did a little bit of school, went to rehearsal, came home for lunch, finished school and then returned that night for the recital.  It was a long day for Cruz but he did well.  It did not affect the other children because their school year is January-October.  All the others are currently out on break.  

Practice on Tuesday morning.

the decorations

The art students had their paintings on display.  Cruz loves to draw so I'm thinking that one day we'll probably sign him up for that too if we can work it in.  I think he would love it.

The next two videos are from the recital.  They had pre-recorded a brief introduction of each student saying their name and what they would be playing.  The first video is Cruz introducing himself and the second video is of him playing his song.

There was probably around 100 people there and it made Cruz terribly nervous.  He kept watching the door and the more people who entered the more nervous he got.  He said that when he got up there to play and looked out at all the people he almost started to cry.  Thankfully he didn't and he played well.  Afterwards he said "That wasn't so bad.  Next time will be much easier."  I think it was a great experience for him. 

all of the teachers except for one

the Tuesday night performers
The group consisted of one voice student, a few guitar students, and the rest were piano students.

the students with the staff

my boys after the program

The boys with the school director Jonatan.

The boys with Cruz's teacher Miss Carolina

They are now off for the holiday and will start back towards the end of January.  We'll keep practicing at home and be ready for the new year when it rolls around. 

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