Monday, May 16, 2016

Ups and Downs

Last Sunday (Mother's Day) while driving up the mountain to Bible study a rock hit our driver's side window.  It did not break it at the moment but put a mark on it.  Then on Monday morning when David went out to get in the car to go into town he found the window like this-

The heat from the sun made it shatter. Thanks to the window tint it did not fall out but it was not secure either.  He taped it up with some clear tape and began calling around trying to find another window.  As we figured, there was not one to be found in our area and our only option was to purchase one in Guatemala City and have it shipped to us. Our mechanic in the City found one and sent it to our mission office, but due to some strikes taking place in Guatemala City they could not ship it up.  We waited every day last week for word that it was coming.  It never did.  We did not have Bible study on Wednesday and could not travel to Bible study on Thursday either.  The bumping from the mountain roads would have surely made it fall out.  It pretty much shut us down for the whole week.  It was frustrating, very frustrating.

Our normal Monday breakfast is scrambled eggs with Eggo waffles.  I made the boys look like a face and called it Monday Monsters.   It was a fun way to start the week in spite of setbacks. 

our Monday monsters

We still had friends in town so we got an early start to school and finished up mid-morning just in time to join them next door for a morning swim. 
I took a sack full of snacks and we had a poolside picnic with friends.

They stayed and joined us for lunch at our house before they drove back home.

Like most kids my boys can make their room look like a tornado hit it in just a few short minutes.  One of their favorite things is turning the bottom bunkbed into a fort.  They hang blankets all around and then fill the bed with all of their favorite toys. It was over 100 degrees this particular day.  I climbed in just for fun and could barely breath.  Some days it's just too hot to even have a little fun, ha.

We went into town one afternoon so I could pick up a few groceries.  While there Ben got to spend a little birthday money.  He wanted to buy tokens at the mall arcade and play some games.  My boys love to do that!

This was a new game and I think they played it about three times each. 

fun at the arcade

They traded in the tickets they won on a pair of these monster teeth.  

David met with our Ag partners Dan and Noe last week and had a good lunch meal with them.  I was sad that the boys and I didn't get to go but I am certain they all enjoyed it a lot more without my two little ones around.

A video of David and the boys clowning around one afternoon at the pool.  It has been so hot lately.  It's always hot but some days just seem hotter than others.

Cruz never stops.  He is high energy all day long.  He also never just sits still and falls asleep.  Never.  But, on Friday night I left the boys playing in their room while I went to shower and David was nearby watching the news.  When I returned I found Ben in the bed almost asleep and Cruz sound asleep in the beanbag.  I knew they were quiet but I never expected to find them like that!  I think after almost six years he finally got tired, ha.

I asked him the next morning why he had the towel over his face and he said it was to block the light.

About 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning the delivery guy arrived with our window.  Praise the Lord!  David spent the next few hours installing it.  

My husband, the window installer.   He really is a jack of all trades.  He can do anything!

The boys sat close by to watch and play with the tools. 

Some missionary friends invited us over for lunch.  We had a fun time visiting with them and letting the kids play together.

lunch at the McIntyres

After lunch we all went on an afternoon hike to a creek near their house.  Who forgets to take water on a 100 degree afternoon hike?  That would be me.   What was I thinking???

The highlight was crossing this wooden swinging bridge.  I loved it!

The kids having fun on the bridge.  They were pretending to see alligators down below.

me and David hiking somewhere on the outskirts of Chiquimula

getting their feet wet

 the McIntyres

the Whites

On our way back home that afternoon we stopped by a Sarita's for some ice cream.  That is our favorite beat the heat treat.

Can you guess what flavor he had?  

Thankfully, now that our window was fixed, David was able to travel back to Nearar on Sunday morning.  He had a good Bible study there.  I had a big lunch waiting for him when he returned home.  I cooked chicken & rice, carrot souffle, English peas, and some peanut butter fudge.  We ate and then rested the rest of the day.  

David will be making some visits the first part of this week. We have plans to be in Tunuco Arriba on Wednesday and Muyurco on Thursday for Bible study.  I will also be finishing up the school year this week.  How exciting is that!  We're hoping this week is a little more productive than the last.  Happy Monday everyone!

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