Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our 20th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

On April 27, 2016 we celebrated 20 years of marriage.  That is a big milestone to me.  I love to celebrate my anniversary and I had been looking forward to this time for quite a while.  We celebrated with a trip to the beach in El Salvador.  We drove over on our anniversary eve and stayed two nights.  Before leaving we had a celebration breakfast at home.  Cruz decided to get up early and do a little decorating for us.   I love that he is taking up my love for special occasions and wants to make things special for others.  He might just end up being a pretty good party planner one day. ha  He found my balloons and streamers and used them to decorate in the kitchen.  He made us a sign and a card.  He wanted us to stay in the bed until he had everything ready.  That was an anniversary treat that he didn't even realize he gave us.  That boy makes my heart smile!

He made us this sign which I thought was precious.

Our homemade card he made us.  I love homemade cards!

I made banana pancakes for breakfast and then we got on the road. 

Crossing the border in El Salvador.  Cruz was also my official photographer on the trip.  

We stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut in Santa Ana, El Salvador and then made a stop by Mister Donuts for a sweet treat.  We love donuts!
David bought me this coffee mug while there as a souvenir from our trip.

Once arriving and getting checked in we changed clothes and headed straight to the beach.
These two were so excited about playing in the sand.  They loved it!

They also loved swimming in the ocean and playing in the waves. 

One of my favorite memories was getting to kayak with Cruz.  That was a lot of fun for both of us.

on our way to supper on our anniversary eve

Having breakfast on our anniversary morning.

Most of the rest of the day was spent relaxing by the ocean or by the pool.  

David and the boys swimming

David and the boys swimming in the ocean 

It was actually one of the easiest trips we have made with the boys.  They can play on their own more now which meant we had more time to sit and relax.  That was nice!

a video of them in the ocean

Hermit crabs were everywhere so we caught a few just for fun.

A video of the hermit crabs we caught and then them crawling away when we turned them loose.

The next several photos are of us on our anniversary night.  We took these before going to supper.  

20 years and counting!

me and my precious boys

David and the boys

our family in El Salvador

We enjoyed an Italian supper at this hotel restaurant.

supper on our 20th anniversary

Enjoying dessert after our anniversary meal.  I had the best creme brulee! 

The hotel offers free nightly entertainment.  Each evening begins with a kid friendly outdoor movie with popcorn.   Our first night we watched Frozen and on our anniversary night they showed Rapunzel.  Afterwards there is a live kid show followed by a themed dance show.  The theme on our anniversary night was Arabian.  Below is a video showing a little of those shows.

Checkout was not until 1:00 so we stayed right up until the last minute.  We spent the morning playing and swimming.

the boys on the playground

David and I got to do some archery.  The boys were too young so they just sat and watched us.  They were impressed that their parents could shoot a bow and arrow.

one last splash in the pool before returning home

It was a great trip and one that we will not soon forget.  I pray that God gives us many more years to celebrate.  I also pray that with each passing year our boys would recognize more and more the love that we have for each other and the strong commitment that we have to make our marriage work.  It is not always easy and I hope that even in the hard times they see good.   I want our marriage to be a testimony to those around us but more than anything I want it to be a testimony to the ones who matter most- our two sons. 

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