Monday, February 29, 2016

My Birthday 2016

This year's birthday was extra special because my boys are now getting big enough to help me celebrate.  Cruz was very excited!  He wrote down a list of things he needed for decorating and asked his daddy to take him to the store.  I thought that was sweet and felt very loved when they went off to shop for me.  He insisted that I have a cake and wanted me to have a pinata but I talked him out of that. 

My birthday cake this year.  We ate it on my birthday eve because we had travel plans on my actual birthday.  The candles were from Cruz's 4 year old birthday parties (we were in the States when he turned 4 so he had two parties).  I like to use the candles again for all of our birthdays.  Ben will use them in April.  It's just a little tradition that I love. 

David helped the boys put out a few decorations for me to find on my birthday morning.  I have always done that for the boys so this year Cruz insisted that he get to do it for me.  He said "mama, you will need to go to bed early because me and daddy need to decorate for your birthday".    If he only knew what a gift it was to send his tired mama to bed early. ha  They hung a banner, streamers, and balloons in our dining room.

He even hung a few balloons outside my bedroom door.  David said Cruz got his ladder out and wanted to do it all by himself.

Every year I get homemade birthday cards.  There really is nothing sweeter!  These were sitting out for me to find on my birthday morning.  Cruz found me this purple pen while out shopping with David and wanted me to have it.  He knows that purple is my favorite color.

me and my precious boys on my birthday morning

My birthday breakfast was blueberry pancakes.  It's one of my favorites!  I ate on our celebration plate.

After breakfast we packed, loaded our car, and headed out on a road trip to Guatemala City.  We had a weekend retreat to attend so we left a day early and stopped over in the Capital to celebrate my birthday.

birthday morning road trip

Most all of our road trips include stops for ice cream.  This is a tradition that my boys will probably want to keep forever.

Our first stop in Guatemala City was lunch at TGI Friday's.  It is my favorite place to go and I loved getting to eat there on my birthday this year.

We had some time to kill before checking into our room so we took the boys to the park on Las Americas.  It is a favorite outing of ours to do while in the Capital.   Our family loves parks and playgrounds!

trying to take a photo while on top of the monkey bars

this one turned out a little better

After getting settled in our room we took the boys for an afternoon swim.

That night we had Pizza Hut for supper (another favorite of mine in Guatemala City).  We put the kids to bed and then we stayed up watching the Presidential Debate.  I have been following the elections very closely this year.  I've watched almost all of the debates and all of the election coverage.  I laugh at myself because I have never had much interest in politics in the past but this time around I am very interested. 

We had some time to kill on Friday morning so I took the boys back to the pool.  I took my newest copy of Southen Living magazine with me and a cup of coffee also.  I sat and read while they swam.  It was fun and relaxing for all of us.

coffee and Southern Living- two more of my favorite things

I had a great birthday.  My boys treated me well and made me feel special and loved.  I don't like getting old but I do love growing old with the three of them.  I am blessed!

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  1. I loved reading this post! Glad to know you had a wonderful birthday celebration with those sweet boys! What fun!!! =)


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