Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

It has normally been our tradition to travel for New Year's but this year we decided to stay home.  It was a decision I am glad we made because we ended up having a really fun time. We began New Year's Eve morning with a visit to Los Laurelles.  It is just down the road from us and we love to take the boys there to ride bikes.  We spent almost three hours there letting them ride, run, and play.  They had a blast!

My boys spend a lot of time on their bikes every day and that makes me very happy.  There's nothing like fresh air and exercise- especially for active little boys!

We also took their new remote control cars to play with on the dirt roads.

my boys love to climb

On the back of the property they are building this playground area but it's not quite finished.  I'm sure we'll be back soon to check it out.

Cruz on New Year's Eve

Ben on New Year's Eve

Here is a video of Ben pretending his bike is a race horse. 

We visited one of the restaurants on the property for a morning snack and something cold to drink.

Ben put on three pairs of sunglasses at one time.  He's a funny little boy.

and of course Cruz had to try it too

How yummy do these nachos look?  We ate these and the boys ate beans and tortillas. 

Back home our decorations were simple.  I hung some silver streamers and balloons and a new banner that I made.

our New Year's banner

The boys helped me bake a New Year's cake that afternoon.  Here they are enjoying the beaters.

our cake to welcome 2016

The ten balloons that I had hung in our dining room became our countdown.  We started at 3:00 in the afternoon and popped one every hour.  I let the boys take turns popping them.  It was a lot of fun and something I think we'll start doing every year.  Next year though I will plan to add more and pop them every 30 minutes.  A whole hour was a long time to wait for my two little ones.

Ben popping one of our balloons.  I put some confetti inside to fall when they popped.

Look at that sweet smile.  He loved it!

a short video of the boys in action

Our New Year's Eve supper meal consisted of pizza, chips, and our cake.

Our friends Josh and Jessica came over to eat and celebrate with us.  We spent most of the night watching Alabama play in the Cotton Bowl. 

we also shot a few fireworks

We played a few games.  Here are David and Ben playing Uno.

Ben won and was doing a victory dance until I got out my camera and then he stopped to smile because he thought I was taking his picture.  ha

me and my precious boys on New Year's Eve

Our plan was to let the boys stay up as late as possible.  We did everything we could to keep them entertained and awake.  They made it until 11:00 when we all watched the ball drop in NYC.  After that Ben went straight to bed and Cruz laid down on the couch.

Watching the ball drop in NYC.  Happy New Year!!! (an hour early in Guatemala)

Less than five minutes after he laid down he was out!  I am pretty sure that is the latest our boys have ever stayed up. 

New Year's Day began with this celebration pancake breakfast. 

We then took our traditional family photo and spent the rest of the day laying around and being lazy.  It was wonderful!

That evening we grilled hamburgers and watched "Happy New Year Charlie Brown".  Afterwards we watched Ole Miss play in the Sugar Bowl.  It was our fourth bowl game to watch in four days.  We had watched LSU, Mississippi State, Alabama, and then Ole Miss.  Can you tell we are from the South?  ha

What a fun time we had ringing in the new year!  It was simple, laid-back, and packed with family time.  Not a bad way to start 2016, huh.  Happy New Year everyone from our family to yours!

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