Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving Family Fun

After our last team left we stayed over in Guatemala City an extra night.  I had a list as long as my arm of errands to run so we spent the whole afternoon and evening running around trying to get them done. 

First on my list was getting the boys a haircut.  We visited Klippers in Eskala Mall where we have always taken the boys for haircuts.  Afterwards they played on the mall playland while I did a little Christmas shopping for them.

Christmas shopping is hard when you have to take your kids with you.  You have to get really creative about how to get the bags to the car and then conceal them so nosy little boys will not see them.  We made two stops in one afternoon and I got about 90% of my Christmas shopping done. What a relief that was!

We also visited Miraflores Mall.  I love to go there at Christmas and see all of the decorations.   It is always very pretty!

It has been a photo tradition for me to take a picture of my boys in front of the mall tree.  Here they are this year.  They are getting so big!  You know you live in a hot climate when you spend your whole time in cooler Guatemala City with a hood on.  ha  My boys love getting to wear their jackets and hoods while we are there. 

We ate supper at San Martin in the mall.  Here is Cruz with his vanilla milkshake.

I was still feeling sick from the stomach flu I had while the team was here so I enjoyed a bowl of potato soup. San Martin has really good potato soup!  On another note it took me about 10 days to finally get over whatever it was I had.  It was the worst sickness/ virus I have had in a long time!!!

and here are my sweet boys playing in a ball pit playland that is inside the Miraflores mall.  It is their favorite place to visit right now while we are in the City.  They love it!

The next morning got started with a box of these delicious Dunkin Donuts.  I love donuts!  They are one of my favorite foods.  Starting the morning with these made me very happy (and my boys too).

We then loaded our car, buckled up, and headed out on a road trip to Panajachel.  We traveled there to spend Thanksgiving with our IMB mission family.

It is a tradition for all of our mission family to make a stop at Katok on the way to Panajachel for a meal.  Because we had only eaten donuts earlier we made this stop a late breakfast.  As always, it was delicious!

Another tradition of ours is making a stop by the mirador (lookout) to take pictures.  On a clear day you can see the lake and volcanoes in the distance. 

my big boy Cruz

And yet another tradition is for the boys to get to pick out something from one of the market vendors to have on the trip.  Here they are with their new "toys".

They also got to pick out one of these hand painted bobblehead animals to add to their collection of typical things we have bought them over the years.  We display them on a shelf in their bathroom.

My boys playing in the yard at our mission house in Panajachel.  Several trees are being cut down on the property which made for quite a fun playground for them.

That evening we ate supper at the Circus Bar in Pana.  They have really good pizza and it is another mission family favorite place to eat.

my boys after supper at the Circus Bar in Panajachel

We returned to the mission house and built a fire.  This was a highlight of our week since we don't get to enjoy cool weather and fires where we live.   I loved sitting by the fireplace that evening curled up with my little guys.

Here we are sitting fireside watching America's Funniest Home Videos.  It is my favorite show of all.  We also popped popcorn and watched Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  What a fun memory!

As you can see our Thanksgiving holiday got started off in a fun way.  I'll post about the rest of our trip next.

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