Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

I have always loved and enjoyed Christmas but nothing compares to having little ones around to make the celebration extra fun.  Since having my boys our Christmases have just become so much sweeter.  Their excitement and anticipation just brightens the days and makes the holiday a lot of fun.  Here is a look at Christmas Day this year-

The boys were up at 6:15.  I didn't get a photo of them coming out of their room this year because they were too fast for me.  They were already opening gifts before I could start taking photos.  If you read my Christmas Eve post then you will know that David and I were functioning on just a few hours of sleep so I barely knew what world I was in, ha.

opening gifts on Christmas morning

Cruz seeing his crane truck.  It was the one thing he asked for the most.  We searched high and low to find him one and finally did just a few days before Christmas.  When we saw it our faces looked like his face in the photo, ha.

They both asked for remote control cars.  As you can see Ben loved his!

After opening gifts we all headed outside to try out their bikes.

Our Christmas morning breakfast was scrambled eggs, fruit, bacon, and Christmas tree shaped Eggo waffles.

They spent most all of the day outside either riding their bikes, playing with their trucks, or playing with their remote control cars.  I love anything that gets my boys outside and moving!  The trash all around on the ground is from the fireworks that our neighbors shot the night before.

Ben chases his car everywhere it goes.  We just sit back and laugh so hard at him.

For our Christmas lunch we had baked ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole, deviled eggs, jello, and a pumpkin pie.  I did most of the prep cooking on Christmas Eve to free me up to play on Christmas morning.  I also enjoyed my favorite drink- Dr. Pepper.  Our grocery store has not had any in a few months and I found some just a few days before Christmas.  They had 10 and I bought every one. 

our Christmas jello jigglers
I made them using green jello, a tree cookie cutter, and some M&M's.  They are so easy and cute!

our pumpkin pie- it is my boys favorite dessert

afternoon playtime 
He was building a pen for his dinosaurs.

Lincoln Logs

more outdoor play time

That evening we made several laps around our neighborhood.  The boys would walk some, ride their bikes some, and drive their remote control cars some.  It was fun to be out enjoying the night air together.  "Night walks" as my boys call them are one of our funnest things to do as a family.

Ben with his glow swords on our night walk.

Overall the day was very laid back and carefree.  We spent the whole day at home playing and having fun together.  It was a quiet little family Christmas and I loved every minute of it!

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