Monday, September 21, 2015

Letter E

Here is a look at our Letter E homeschool week.
On Monday our focus was on eggs since that is what Sing Spell Read and Write (our language arts curriculum) uses for letter E.

I hid eggs in the back yard and Cruz got to go out and find them.  That was a fun surprise he really enjoyed. 

Our egg craft

Wednesday we learned all about excavators.  This was my boys favorite of the week.  We read books and had coloring/ worksheets about them also.  What little boy doesn't love heavy equipment!

This was one of the you tube videos we watched.  My boys loved it and we ended up watching it numerous times.  It has a catchy little tune that I'll just warn you will stay in your head FOR DAYS. ha

Thursday was our Elmo day. 

On Friday we learned about elephants.

Here is Ben coloring while I was working with Cruz. 

We used pencil sharpeners to shave crayons for a science project.  Here are the boys putting their crayon shavings into a jar.

We made wiggly water jars.  In addition to the crayon shavings we also put glitter in them. 

One morning I fried eggs and bacon for breakfast and then we had this "eggs and bacon" snack.  I used pretzel sticks, white chocolate, and yellow M&M's to make them.

filling in the missing numbers

shape sequence


gluing tissue paper on a letter E   

Cruz took my photo painting Ben's hand to make elephants

cutting and gluing felt to make grass for our elephant craft

E is for Elephants

Our Letter E projects hanging on our school room wall

Our science theme this month is Exploring Water.   This week we focused on solids and liquids. 
A journal entry from a science project we did about liquids and solids.

It didn't rain during week 5 so we had to put this project off until we got some rain.  Our nature walk had us looking for shapes that water makes after a rain.  We saw water drop circles on leaves.  Cruz loved looking at how the water formed on the leaves.  He drew a leaf in his journal and then we put glue drops on it to resemble the water drops. 

I took all of our jello molds and made ice shapes in them.  I let the boys dump the ice into their shower one night and play with them.  They LOVED getting to do that.  It was another fun solid and liquid project.

Our Bible stories were "God Calls Abram" and "Lot Chooses the Best Land".  We began learning the "Star Spangled Banner" and our new hymn was "When He Cometh".  Our memory verse for the week was Psalm 75:1.  Here is Cruz saying it on Friday morning.

In our read aloud time we are reading the book "Toys Go Out".  It is a cute story about toys.  One of the chapters has a talking washing machine named Frank that my boys just think is the funniest thing and they now call our washer "Frank".   There is also a yellow talking towel named Tuk Tuk.   I love our story time.  It is one of my favorite times of the day.

So that's week six of our homeschool time.  Thanks for following along and keeping up with how we are learning.  Blogging about it gives me a record and memory of what we did and also is like my accountability.  Our little school time sure is fun.  And, by the way, have I mentioned what the boys call our school?  They insist on naming it Fire Hair Academy.  I just shake my head and laugh.  Yes, these are fun times indeed!

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