Friday, August 28, 2015

Busy Bees

Another great week of school has come to an end.  This week was Letter B.  We learned a lot about bunnies, butterflies, bears, bees, bats, and birds.   They really loved learning about bats but their favorite was learning how bees make honey.  Thanks to You Tube they got a good lesson.  Our science week was all about bugs.  We have had a fun time searching for bugs and examining them.  Here are some photos from our week-
On Monday we made these letter B butterflies and hung them on our school room window.  They have been pretty to look at all week.

We also baked brownies for some company we had arriving that afternoon.

We enjoyed a visit from fellow IMB missionaries David and Glynis Miller and some family they had here with them.  We went out for supper and then came back to our house for brownies and coffee.  We had a good time of fellowship with all of them while they were here.

On Tuesday we set up two Bug Hotels as part of our science lesson.  We dug holes in the ground and put empty yogurt containers inside.  We would add different foods to see what bugs we attracted.  The boys loved checking it every day to see who had "checked in". 

Cruz digging a hole for our Bug Hotel

putting food inside our "hotel"

my boys and one of their bug hotels

Here are David and Cruz another afternoon looking at some of the bugs we caught.  My boys LOVE to use their magnifying glasses!

 Cruz had to log in to his science workbook what bugs he saw.  Here is one of his pages.

We finally bought a light to hang in my dining room.  Here is David hanging it for me one morning while we were doing school.  It looks really nice in there. 

Here are the boys getting an upclose look at a centipede that crawled into our carport one morning while they were outside eating snack.

I'll admit that these give me the creeps but the boys think they are cool.  They are all around our house.

Here is a short video of them watching the centipede.  Cruz is trying to count how many legs it has while Ben just wanted to hit it with his magnifying glass.  As you will see it aggravated Cruz just a little, ha.

Another part of our science lesson this week was to go on a bug hunt.  We made these masks to wear while looking for bugs.  It made the assignment a little extra fun don't you think. 
looking for bugs

Ben getting an up close look at a worm


my little bugs

another fun science assignment we did this week

    playing in the dirt late one afternoon

They had filled their wagon with dirt and was emptying it into their box.  When the box was filled they would empty it out and start over.  It was a great way to burn off some afternoon energy.

Ben painting a letter B

        Cruz painting his letter B

their letter B bees

Our Bible lessons were about Creation and Adam and Eve.  We learned a new hymn- "In the Sweet By and By".  The memory verse of the week was Proverbs 20:11 "Even a child is known by his doings".

We learned two nursery rhymes- Baa Baa Black Sheep and Little Boy Blue.  We counted and wrote numbers more times than I want to remember, ha.  We played learning games and worked puzzles. We finished up the third book in the dragon series (My Father's Dragon, Elmer and the Dragon, and The Dragons of Blueland).  The boys liked the third book The Dragons of Blueland best but my favorite was My Father's Dragon.  All three stories were wonderful and I would definitely recommend them as read alouds for boys.
We started reading a few chapters from Uncle Wiggily's Story Book, Mr. Popper's Penguins, and Mrs. Noodlekugel.  In spite of my boys being rowdy and active they will sit still and listen to me read.  I love discussing story lines throughout the day and looking forward to what is going to happen in the next chapter.  We are creating a lot of fun memories through books.
It has been very hot in Chiquimula this week (it is always hot but this week has felt hotter than normal).  Today we are enjoying a much needed break from the heat.  I'll fill you in on that in my next post.  Have a great weekend everyone!  "C" you next week. ha

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