Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 2015 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  Rainy season has begun in Guatemala and even though we have not received much of it where we are we know that many parts of the country are receiving a lot.  We are thankful for the rains.  Many depend on it to grow their crops and without it many simply do not have food to eat.  Our part of Guatemala has the highest malnutrition rates in the country.  Many die each year simply because of lack of food to eat.  Pray that our area would receive sufficient rain fall this year so that crops could grow and basic hunger needs could be met. 

Our Bible studies are going well.  We continue to go and teach in the different villages each week.  Getting new works started is a slow process but we know that God's timing is perfect.  We continue to do our part and trust Him with the results.  Please continue to pray for the precious people living in the villages of Lagunetas, Chanco, Tunuco Arriba, Muyurco, Churischan, and Nearar.   David was able to visit in two new areas this past month.  We are not sure if anything will result from those visits or not but we will pursue them until the door is closed.  Our desire is to get into villages where there is no other evangelical presence. Would you join us in praying for open avenues to get into them?

This month we will be hosting a vision team from LifePark Church in South Carolina.  They have been a part of our partnership with First Baptist Church Mount Pleasant, South Carolina but are ready to branch out on their own.  We will be taking them to all of the villages where we are currently working in and showing the needs in each area.  We look forward to them sending teams down in the future and helping us reach the lost in these areas.

Our family is doing great.  We enjoyed a recent visit from Regina's mom who came to help celebrate Cruz turning 5.  We also just returned from a Prayer Retreat with a few other IMB mission families.  We feel refreshed and encouraged and are ready to "hit the trail running".  Pray that this month would be a very productive one and that God would move in big ways in the hearts of those we are sharing the Gospel with.

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