Friday, May 29, 2015

Cruz's 5th Birthday

This has been a big week in our home.  On the 26th Cruz turned 5 years old.  I have always made a big deal about their birthdays.  It is the one day out of the year that I go all out for them.  The days that my boys were born were two of the most special days in my life.  I just can't help but celebrate them big each year and remember the sweet memories of their births and birthdays past. 

Here is a look at how we celebrated Cruz turning 5-
Here were his decorations in the kitchen and on his bedroom door.  I put it all up after he goes to sleep to find the next morning when he wakes up.  His theme this year was Buzz Lightyear/ Toy Story 3.

walking into the kitchen to see his gifts

birthday morning

opening his presents from us

Cruz with his birthday presents

both boys love this new drill

We had banana pancakes for breakfast.  I made Cruz's in the shape of a #5 and added whipped cream and sprinkles.

Cruz on his birthday morning wearing his birthday shirt.  He had school that morning and because it was his birthday he got to wear anything he wanted (instead of his uniform).

When he went to school I got busy finishing things for his school party.   His school lets you do parties during snack time.  They ask you to bring 2 slices of pizza for each child, a cupcake, and an individual drink that has a resealable top.  You also have to bring a party favor for each child to take home.

birthday cupcakes for his school party
I printed the Toy Story characters from a free online site.  They were a little small so I cut out yellow circles and glued them together.  I taped a toothpick to each one and stuck them in the cakes.  He requested chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles.  They turned out cute.

Cruz at his school with his cupcakes

Some of his classmates at school.  There are 19 in his class.

His school friends singing "Happy Birthday" to him.

a video of his classmates singing

blowing out his candle

All of the kids are eating with manners and look at my child!   

The bulletin board in his classroom

Cruz with his teacher Mrs. Zulma

The kids receive gifts at school on their birthday but they do not open them until they get home.  They do however have a sweet time for each child to walk up and present the birthday child with their gift and then give them a big hug.  Here are a few photos of Cruz receiving his presents from his classmates.

His school birthday presents set out on our kitchen table waiting for him to get home from school to open.

We checked him out early and took him to McDonald's for lunch.

us with the sweet birthday boy at McDonald's

Mimi, Cruz, and Ms. Teresa at McDonald's

The workers came out and sang to him and brought him a cup of ice cream.

the McDonald's workers singing to Cruz

opening his school gifts that afternoon

David and Cruz putting some of his birthday presents together.

He loves this new race car track we gave him.

A sweet lady in South Carolina sent them these fun costumes.  We LOVE them!

The boys clowning in the backyard in their Toy Story costumes.

Our family picture on Cruz's birthday

After naptime we went next door to the hotel for a swim.  Here are the boys in their new swimsuits with their new Toy Story swim ring and dive sticks.

swimming on Cruz's birthday

The hotel has this go cart, a four wheeler, and some bicycles that they rent out to ride on the property.  My mom wanted to rent the go cart for Cruz to ride.  We had a blast and I think it was Cruz's favorite part of his day.

Me, my mom, and the boys.  Ben is crying because he wanted to drive.  ha

a video of us on the go cart

That evening the Lubeck's stopped by to see Cruz on his birthday.

My mom waited until the evening to give the boys their gifts from her.

closing their eyes before they get their gifts

Mimi giving presents to the boys

Mimi and the boys

I made this cake for us to have that evening.  We ate pizza for supper and then had cake.

Cruz with his birthday cake

listening to us sing to him

blowing out his candle

We ended the day by watching "Toy Story 3" outside that evening.   It is one of our favorite things to do.  We all loved it!

What an amazing fun-filled day we had.  It was excitement from the time Cruz woke up until he went to bed that night.  I am grateful for his little life and so thankful that we get to celebrate him.

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