Saturday, May 2, 2015

Catching Up

We have had a pretty exciting week around here and I'll try to get you caught up on all of our events in my next few posts.  I'll start with covering last weekend.

Last Friday was "Dia Loco" at Cruz's school.  As a fundraiser for the 6th grade class the kids got to dress how they wanted and pay 2 Quetzales (about 25 cents) for doing so.  Cruz was excited about it and chose to wear his baseball uniform that day. 
Here is Cruz with Ben before he left for school that morning

That evening we met some friends for supper at the mall food court.  Isn't that a beautiful sunset we saw!

Saturday morning we loaded the car and drove into Guatemala City.  We arrived in time for lunch and stopped to eat at Taco Bell.  On a side note, we are thrilled that construction has started on a new Taco Bell here in Chiquimula in the mall parking lot.  It will be several months before it opens but we get more excited about it every time we go into town and see them working.

When I saw these advertised at the Taco Bell in Guatemala City I just had to try them.  They were so good we went back for a second order.  Cruz said, "mama, I could eat 100 of theses!"  ha  They were very delicious!

After dropping our bags off at our mission house we headed to Eskala Mall to get the boys a haircut.  Here they are "reading" the local newspaper while we waited.

Afterwards I headed to the grocery store and David kept the boys entertained in the mall.
they loved this race car that was on display

they also loved getting to ride the carousel

But, what they loved most was the ice cream cones David bought them.  They were sitting and eating when I found them.

That afternoon/ evening we attended a graduation party for one of our missionary kids who is finishing high school and heading to the States for college.  It was a great time to not only celebrate him but spend some time with our IMB mission family as well.
some of our IMB family at a graduation party in Guatemala City

Each year when an MK graduates they are presented with a Bible to take to the States with them.  Everyone has signed it, wrote special notes in it, and underlined special scriptures in it for the graduate.  It is a special gift that I am certain they treasure for years to come.  Here is George Hardeman presenting Caleb with his Bible.

Caleb sharing a few words with everyone.

Cruz took this picture of Gary and Mark.  How funny!

We had a lasagna supper and then a wedding shower for Caleb's brother Andrew who is getting married later this month.  Andrew and his fiance were not there but it is mission tradition to do a shower and then send the gifts home with the parents when they travel back to the States for the wedding.  Pray for Andrew and Yumi as they begin their new life together later this month.

Here is Caleb with our boys.  Our boys LOVE him!  We are all going to miss him when he's gone.

showing their muscles

Pray for him as he heads to the States to work for the summer and then as he begins Liberty University in the fall.  We know God has good things in store for him.

We ended up sitting around talking with some of the other missionaries until after 1:00 a.m.  I kept looking at my watch thinking I should go to bed but we were having such a great time laughing and talking that I just stayed up.  I knew I would regret it the next morning when my boys were up at the crack of dawn.  Sure enough at 5:30 a.m.(after Ben had already woken us up twice between 1 and 5)  they were eager to get the day started.  Ugh!   What was high priority on our Sunday morning agenda?  coffee, lots and lots of coffee!!!

With that being said our first stop on our road trip to El Salvador was to pick up a coffee for the road.  Nightlife, preschoolers, and being in your 40's just does not mix, ha.  Next I'll blog about our stop at the Auto Safari and then our few days of R&R at the El Salvador Beach.

Fast forward to today, we have two Bible studies this weekend.  We will be in Lagunetas this afternoon and Nearar on Sunday morning.  We would appreciate your prayers for both of these times of study.  Thanks!

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  1. I just love it when I am having such a good time with good friends that time seems to fly by and tiredness keeps away. Glad you had such a time of refreshing even if you paid for it the next day, lol. Praying for you everyday.


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