Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

One of the things we are greatly blessed with here in Guatemala is a wonderful IMB mission family.  There is a lot of Baptist heritage here and lots of traditions that have been started over the years through the missionary families.  One of those traditions is everyone meeting at our mission house in Panajachel to celebrate Thanksgiving together. I am not sure how long this tradition has been going but it's been a while.  Most everyone arrives on Wednesday and stays a few nights.  It is always a lot of fun. 

Breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.  Cruz begged for pancakes so banana pancakes it was.  

We were up, fed, dressed, had taken pictures and posted them before most normal human beings were probably even awake.  Having early risers has it's advantages but it sure makes for a tired mom and dad.  

 my boys on Thanksgiving Day 2014

our family on Thanksgiving Day 2014

definitely what I am most thankful for!

One of the teen MK's was celebrating a birthday that day so in true Guatemala fashion we shot fireworks outside his window to wake him up.  My boys thought that was fun.

The trip wasn't all pleasure.  While there we each had to meet with our supervisor to do our end of the year evaluations.  We are required to set goals for each year, report regularly on how we are meeting those goals, and then at the end of the year have a sit down meeting to go over them.  It's not always a joy, but is part of our job.  Here we are with our current supervisor David Miller and his wife Glynis.  All smiles indicates we must be doing alright, ha. 

We enjoyed getting to watch some of the Macy's parade.  Here are some of the MK's playing a game.  How much do you think my boys bothered them while they tried to play???  ha

 The kitchen is usually busy during the morning while everyone gathers around to cook.  There is a lot of laughter that comes out of there and a lot of reminiscing as well.  Here are Lily, Gini, Helen, and Debby working on our delicious meal.

The men mostly spend the morning gathered around enjoying fellowship.  Here are Jeff, Gary, and Mark doing just that.

more game playing for the MK's
Daniel, Lindsay, Cruz, Caleb, Jonathan, and Luke

Here are Cruz and Lindsay playing baseball using a stick and an orange.   Cruz really enjoyed his time with the MK's this year.  He thought they were so cool.

lunch time

my plate

After lunch and thankfully while my boys napped we all gathered in the living room to have a farewell time for one of our families that is retiring.  It was fun to hear stories of their early years on the mission field and have time to encourage them.  Having this time of fellowship when a couple retires is another Guatemala Baptist Mission tradition.

 Helen, David, Glynis, Debbie, and Billy

Lily, Gary, Lindsay, and Mark

Debby, Penny, Keith, and Gini

Here are Roger and Vicki Grossman receiving their plaque from George Hardeman.  They will be retiring this year.

 A group photo of everyone who was able to celebrate together this year.

the MK's 

that afternoon we enjoyed playing in the hammock's

We also enjoyed a walk down to the lake to take in the beautiful views.

 me and my boys on Thanksgiving Day 2014 at Lake Attitlan

My little family on a pier at Lake Attitlan.  You can see two of the three volcanoes that surround the lake in the background.

Some of the older MK's kayaking on the lake on Thanksgiving afternoon.  I can't wait for my boys to get old enough to do this.

Sweet Ben about to enjoy a nacho and French fry snack at a little restaurant that overlooks the lake.

I love this photo of my guys looking out over the lake!

 Lake Attitlan

enjoying the sunset before we walked back to the mission house

We stopped and let the boys get a treat on the walk back.  They both picked out popsicles.

Friday was a pretty laid back day for us.  Most everyone returned home that day but just a few of us.  We spent the day with the Stamps and Grossmans.  We went out for lunch together, spent the afternoon at the house enjoying fellowship together, and then that night had supper together.  We called in pizza, built a fire, and had a nice evening together.  It was fun.  We watched the classic "Frosty the Snowman" with the boys before calling it a night.

 Who doesn't love the warmth of a good fire?  It was a great way to end our last night there!

And here's one last photo of the boys on Saturday night back at our mission house in Guatemala City.  We spent the evening watching the Egg Bowl and the Iron Bowl and stayed up way too late doing that.  It was fun though!  We made it back to our house on Sunday very tired, but full of some wonderful new memories of a great Thanksgiving time together. 

So, now it's time to drag out the trees and the decorations for our next big celebration because if Cruz has told me once he's told me a thousand times "Christmas is coming, mama, Christmas is coming!!!"  He's excited.  I'm excited.  It's just an exciting time of the year!  Memories were just made but oh the ones we have left to look forward to in 2014!

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