Friday, November 7, 2014


Woo hoo it's Friday! My favorite day of the week. I'm looking forward to the weekend and all that it entails but first I need to do a little recap of some of the things we've been doing lately.
We encountered this huge bike race in the highway on our last trip home from Guatemala City.  It completely shut down the main road until they all had passed.  In spite of being delayed in our travel it was fun to get out of the car and watch it pass by.

This is a photo of me and Ben that Cruz took at our mission house in Guatemala City.

Cruz loves costumes and pretending to be different characters.  He changes outfits more times than I can count each day.

We recently made some Thanksgiving decorations to put on their bedroom door.  Here they are making turkeys.  I cut small squares of crepe paper and they glued them on as feathers.  It was sticky but they loved it.

their turkeys

Here's their November door.  I decided to do a Thankful Tree this year.  Cruz is finally old enough and Ben does okay.  We add a new leaf each night with something that they are thankful for from their day.  I think this new tradition will get more and more meaningful in the years to come.

So far we have answers like: riding my bike, going to the park, t-rex's, cupcakes, and God hears my words.  It's becoming one of my favorite parts of the day sitting them down and talking about being thankful!

We also recently dyed some new noodles for them to string up.

They had the best time squeezing the bags and getting the food coloring all over the noodles.

Aren't these pretty!

I've mentioned before that Cruz loves to write his numbers and letters.  I don't have any charts yet so I recently made him a number chart to look at while he writes. 

writing his numbers

Cruz is a little Mr. Fix-It!!!  He goes around working on everything in our house.  He's constantly asking me "mama, what's broke so I can go fix it".  He wears that tool belt all the time and puts those tools to work.  He is a busy little boy.

Here he is working on my recliner while I watched t.v. one afternoon.

I've put out a few Thanksgiving decorations and baked my first pumpkin pie.  Cruz ate three pieces the first day.  That boy loves my pumpkin pie!!!

I just love fall!

I'll leave you with Cruz's school photos that we just got yesterday.  Yes, school has been out for two weeks now, but who's counting, ha. 
his 2014 class picture

Cruz's 2014 school picture
My little boy is growing up fast!

We'll be in three different villages over the next three days.  We have Bible study in Lagunetas on Saturday.  We have Bible study in Nearar on Sunday.  We have a meeting with some men in the village of Churischan on Monday.  We'll be taking our Ag partners with us to Churischan and presenting the Institute program to them with the hopes of starting one in that village soon. Would you pray for our safety of travel on the mountain roads over the next few days.  And, pray specifically for God's anointing on our Bible study times.  See ya Monday!

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