Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cruz's School Graduation Program 2014

As I mentioned before the school year in Guatemala is January thru October. All the kids are currently on "summer break" and so far ours has been enjoyable. We have had some lazy mornings and some later than normal nights.  I like how Cruz being in school helps keep my days organized and somewhat planned out but for now I am enjoying the freedom of some no scheduled days.  I think the anxiety of starting home-school next year and how that is going to greatly tie up my days (and free time) has got me really appreciating these last months before school really starts.  But, enough of that for now because today's post is about Cruz's recent preschool graduation program. 

The program was mainly to honor the kindergarten, elementary, and Jr. High graduates.  They all dressed in caps and gowns, marched in, received diplomas, and were praised for their achievements.  The other grades were there to perform and entertain.   Cruz's class was asked to dress as a profession.  They sang "I Am A Promise" in both English and Spanish.

Cruz chose to be a doctor for his program (because Batman was not an option, ha) and wore his scrubs.

the graduation decorations at his school program

Cruz and Rizardo
Rizardo was a kindergarten graduate.  He is one of the sweetest, well-mannered little boys I know.

Cruz and Jason (who was dressed as a lawyer)
These two together spell TROUBLE.  I am certain they gave their teacher fits this year.

The Lubeck's were there and opened the program with a song that they sang in English, Spanish, and Chorti.  Here's Mr. John reading scripture as well.

Here's the school director, Mrs. Jane, and her family singing a song in English and Spanish. 

some of Cruz's classmates heading onto the stage to sing

the preschool and kindergarten classes all sang together

Here's a video of their song-

After singing Mrs. Jane asked all the boys and girls what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Cruz responded with "astronaut".  Go figure, ha.

So we're on school break for now.  Our plan is to put him back in Spanish school when the new year begins in January and let him study for several months there before I pull him out and begin homeschooling K5 next August.  Like all plans though, they can change, but that's my plan for now.

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