Monday, August 25, 2014

From Carrot Cake to Lemon Pie

Our weekend got started with a drive over to Copan, Honduras.  We went for supper and to visit with our Ag partner Dan Watson who had just returned for a 2 week stay.  He's a busy guy these days.  He'll spend about two weeks in Honduras overseeing the work there.  He'll then spend about two weeks in Haiti helping get Ag work started there.  Then he'll return home to Arkansas for about two weeks and start all over again.  We try to make it a point to meet at least once when he's in town to talk about the work in Honduras and Guatemala.

Anyway, we've not been over to Honduras since we got back from the States so a drive over and a meal sounded inviting. 
"Welcome to Honduras"
This was taken at the border crossing.  Of course Cruz had a million questions about the whole crossing the border process.  "why does daddy have to go inside", "why do we have to show our passports", "why do we have to pay them money", "why do the police have to look in our car"...  why, why, why?  It turned into an educational experience for him.  He's learning early about visas, passport stamps, and entering other countries. 

We met Dan for supper at Jim's Pizza.  We always enjoy eating there.  The owner, Jim, is from the States so we enjoy visiting with him also.  The boys love to run around, look at everything, and play in the fish pond.  Can you spot Jim photobombing us in the picture below? ha.
Our family at Jim's Pizza in Copan, Honduras

After eating we all walked to the Central Park to continue visiting.  It's a large open space so the boys got to run around and burn off some energy while we chatted.  Before we left for home we made a stop by Cafe Welchez to get me a piece of carrot cake to-go.  Yum!  It's one of my favorite desserts.

carrot cake from Cafe Welchez in Copan, Honduras

Saturday morning we got an early start- as in 5:10 a.m. thanks to our oldest, early rising son.  That's not the way I had planned to get our Saturday started but it happened none the less.  So, we were up, dressed, fed, and ready to go early.  We have been needing to make a visit to the village of Chanco and had made plans to do it on Saturday.  One of the partnerships we are taking over is between this village and FBC Mt. Pleasant, SC.  The next team they are sending down to work in this village is in October. We will be hosting them.  I'll share more about that down the road.  Anyway, there is a believer there, Miguel, that we wanted to see and talk with.  Among other things we shared with him our desire to start a Bible study in that area.  We asked him to check around to see if there was any interest and get back with us.  We even offered just to come and disciple him if he was interested.  We'll wait to hear back from him.  Expect to hear more about this village and ways you can specifically pray for us as we begin to work there.  

Not long after we got on the road that morning Cruz told me "mama, when I get home I am going to take a LONG nap!".  He was tired (we all were, ha).  I looked back a few minutes later and saw him like this.  Poor baby.  Ben on the other hand was well rested and as you can see ready to go. 
in the car on the way to the village of Chanco

David and Cruz walking down the hill to Miguel's house.  This picture makes me smile.

sweet brothers in the village of Chanco

Cruz said, "mama, take my picture standing on this rock". 

We came home, ate lunch, and all took LONG, much needed afternoon naps.  We then spent the rest of the day playing.

There's just something about a palette of brightly colored paints that makes me smile.  Does it you?
my boys love painting and we spend a lot of time doing it

That night we grilled hot dogs and ate supper outside.  Fun!

Sunday morning started with a platter of French toast and then we sent David off to do Bible study in the village of Nearar.  I forgot to send my camera with him so I have no photos to share but he said it went really well.  He was able to share with them some about death and encourage them after the sudden passing of the young guy last week.   He was 27.

After naptime we took the boys to a local gas station to jump on the trampoline.  Cruz asks us to go almost daily.  He loves it.  
my boys jumping on the trampoline in Jocotan, Guatemala

We also spent some time up the hill from our house letting the boys ride their bikes.  A few of the neighbors came out to join us and played with the boys.  These two don't look rowdy at all do they?  my oh my!

Cruz took this photo of us while riding his bike.

And we ended the weekend with a special treat- frozen lemon pie.  I finally got around to making one for Cruz.  He loves it!  It's a great cool dessert on these muggy hot afternoons.
lemon pie- it just lacks the whipped topping

And just for fun I'll leave you with a few shots from Sunday night bathtime.  These two are a MESS!!!

We are looking forward to the week ahead.  The Ag team will be coming over to check on the projects in the villages of Lagunetas and Pacren.  David will be joining them.  We will also be hosting some IMB colleagues for a few days.  They are coming to share more with us about the U.S. partnerships and turn all of the team information over to us.   In addition to work, we always have a great time of fellowship with them so I anticipate a wonderful visit.  I'll be sure to update you on all of this and more as the week unfolds.

Happy Monday!  I hope your week gets off to a great start!

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  1. Great Report! Glad you were able to talk with Miguel. We are praying that the Bible study will soon start.
    Blessings to you.


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