Wednesday, June 11, 2014

USS Alabama Battleship Park

We began our trip to the beach with an overnight stop in Mobile, AL. We wanted to take the boys to tour the USS Alabama Battleship. It turned out to be a lot of fun and the boys loved it. Here are some photos from our time there-
We waited until lunchtime to leave so that the boys would nap most of the way there.  Here we are eating lunch at Burger King in Hazlehurst before getting on the road.

It had been raining for four days and was still raining in Mobile when we arrived.  We picked a hotel with an indoor pool so the boys could burn off some energy.  That's always a plus when traveling with little ones. 

Taking a late afternoon swim before heading out to supper at I-Hop.  Cruz wanted pancakes.

We got an early start on Saturday morning so we would have plenty of time to spend at the battleship park.  Here we are driving through Mobile. 
I just love downtown views and tall buildings!

The boys were pretty excited about getting to go through the tunnel again.  I think it's every one's favorite thing about traveling to the beach.

inside the Mobile tunnel

arriving at the park

our family about to tour the USS Alabama

We spent a little time letting the boys run around on the deck and then we headed inside

There were a lot of steep, narrow steps inside

and a lot of narrow passageways

We went in and out of many doors like this having to step over every time.  Being there was a workout.

The boys loved the bunk rooms and had a blast climbing all over the beds.

Checking out the anchor

that's a big chain!

We also toured the submarine.  It was by far Cruz's favorite thing of all.

They could have spent hours in this area just touching, pulling, and playing with all the machinery.  It was a lot of fun for little boys.

Pretending to have a meal on the submarine.  Cruz said "mama I hope they serve beans and quesadillas". ha

Cruz giving us an overview of how a submarine works. 

Cruz took this photo of David and I on the submarine.  We ended up just sitting down and letting them play as long as they wanted.

We had a wonderful time and could have spent a lot more time looking around if the boys had not gotten so hot and tired.  The only thing we did not like about the park is that you have to enter and exit through the very stocked gift store.  Needless to say my tired little Cruz made quite a scene as his daddy drug him through there to the car.  He wanted a toy and he wanted it BAD!  ha  

We stopped for lunch and then continued on towards the beach.  Next up was the ferry ride from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan.  That was fun and I'll share about it next.

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