Saturday, May 17, 2014

Happy and Sad

A few things in our lives are coming to an end this week. It's been a little sad around here for me. It was  Cruz's last week of preschool as he finished up on Friday. I don't think he really understands that it's summer break and that he won't be going back there again- ever. Or that he won't see any of his classmates again.  Overall I think he is going to miss the stimulation more than anything. It's been great for him. We have also spent some time this week packing up to move out of the mission house we have been living in since November. When we reserved it early last year another couple already had it booked beginning in June. So, we will be moving the first of the week into a family guest house until we return to Guatemala. Moving is a chore! Would you pray that the move and transition will be a smooth/ easy one?

Not all of our week has been sad though. We've also mixed in a lot of fun things that have brought big smiles to our faces. Here are some fun photos from the week-
Ben loves to play in the wah wah (water).  Look at those grins.  He was literally laughing out loud.  Our boys take baths at night before bedtime.  David is in charge of giving them a bath and then I take over and get them dressed and comb their hair.  I am very thankful to have such a great helpmate.  We tag team just about every aspect of parenting.  I am blessed!
Cruz's birthday is not until later in the month and falls after school gets out.  I decided to send cupcakes one day this week for him to share with his friends during snack time.  He wants to have a Batman party so I sent Batman cupcakes to school.  He said "mama, those cupcakes tasted good like a marshmallow".  I don't know where he got that from but it made me laugh.  I took it to mean they were a hit.

His teacher gave me these next few photos that she took of him that day at school.  You know that made me happy!

I assume he got a little embarrassed when his friends started singing.  This is funny.

blowing out his candle

I took this picture at lunch after he got home.  He got that hat at school but wanted to keep it on while he ate. He has also insisted that he is four now because he had a party. 

Later that afternoon we visited a local park.  The boys thought it was fun that we were all four "riding the horses".

my guys at the park

On Thursday I took my Aunt Nita to lunch at Porches to celebrate her birthday.  My Aunt Carolyn also joined us.  It was fun to sit, laugh, and talk with both of them, and enjoy a delicious meal together.
my Aunt Nita- she's always been like a second mom

Aunt Nita, me, Aunt Carolyn

On Thursday afternoon my mom came down to see the boys.  She wanted to take them to the store to get a new toy (like they need anything else!!!) and then we went to the snow cone stand for a sweet treat.  It was fun.

They got a kick out of looking at each others tongues.  Funny boys!

In addition to finishing our packing we have a birthday party, a baby shower, and Cruz's last tee ball game this weekend.  I'll post about those and his last day of school in the next few days.  Hope your weekend is off to a great start.  Enjoy the sunshine.  It's been cold this week!

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