Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ben's 2 Year Check-up

Ben recently had his two year well baby check-up. It was his first one in the States. We had it done at a local children's clinic here in Brookhaven.
my sweet little guy when we arrived at the clinic

playing while we waited to be called back
When they called his name he stopped playing and walked straight through the door to the back.  It was as if he knew the drill already.  The nurse thought it was soo cute.  He's just getting soo grown!

He weighs 23 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall

His entertainment while we waited.  He got a little restless but was WAY more chilled than his brother would have ever been!  For the most part he is such an easy child and mild mannered.

me and my silly boy Ben
he is precious to my soul!

I just love that sweet smile

He got a good check-up.  He received a few vaccines that he lacked and needed before we return to Guatemala.  He handled them pretty well.  He picked out a blue sucker and Spiderman stickers so that made him smile all the way to the car.  He is growing up way too fast for this mama's heart but I'm very grateful that he is healthy and growing strong.

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