Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day 2014

I'll take any excuse to do a little celebrating and have a bit of fun with my little guys.  So when St. Paddy's Day rolled around I started making a few plans of what we could do.  Our day wasn't anything spectacular, but we did have fun. 

As with most all holidays we took a family photo. 
I just love, love, love taking family pictures!

For our breakfast we had cinnamon rolls with green icing, green grapes, and dry Lucky Charms cereal.  Cruz thought it was so fun!

We also made a fun holiday hat to wear at breakfast.  I printed some shamrocks from the internet, had the boys color them, and taped them to some strips of green construction paper.  It was a cheap, easy craft to do with the boys.  They love wearing hats and have had a blast wearing these all over the house. 

Cruz went to preschool in the morning and then we all went to pick him up.  I had seen a sign last week advertising 1/2 price burgers at Sonic on St. Patrick's Day.  I made a mental note that I wanted us to eat lunch there that day.  I had wanted us to eat outside at one of their picnic tables, but it was only in the high 40's around lunch time. That's way too cold to eat outside so instead we got our food to-go and ate it at home.  I made some green jello for our dessert.  My boys love jello! 

Sonic is one of my favorite places to eat!
Naptime was next on our agenda.  The boys were both tired so they went right to sleep.  I know I post a lot of photos of Cruz napping but he just cracks me up when I go in to check on him.  Today I found him asleep with his socks on his hands like gloves.  I just laughed out loud.  
I just never know what to expect.
The rest of the day was spent playing.  My boys play hard and burn off a lot of energy in the afternoons.
Cruz went "deer hunting".  He dressed in his camo coveralls.  He put on his hat, gloves, and boots.  He used his new light-up sword as his gun and he tiptoed through the house looking for deer.  He's a hoot!

my little hunter

little brother got his "gun" out and tried to help him 
After supper Cruz ended our day by putting on a puppet show for us.  He said they have been doing puppets at school so he thinks he knows all about it now.  He had us sit down in the "audience" and he made the stage.  He pushed two chairs together and laid a blanket over it.  He then put gloves and socks on his and Ben's hands and they entertained us. 

sweet brothers getting ready for their puppet show

sweet little hands
I am wishing I had made a video of them but I'm certain I'll get another chance soon.

I'm thinking I see a future asset to our village ministry.  Maybe I'll have these two doing real puppet shows someday for all the precious kids we get to work with back in Guatemala.  Just the thought of that makes me smile!
So that was our day.  It was simple, but very fun.  Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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