Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Our Labor Day got started about 6:05 a.m. when a sweet little someone slipped into our room and said, "mommy, I want to get in your bed". So he climbed on in and then proceeded to dump into our bed a whole bucket of toys he had brought in with him. And so began our day...

These little toys have been played with for hours and hours by both of our boys.  I think I might look back at this photo one day and cry.

After a little snuggle time I got up and cooked breakfast.  In addition to scrambled eggs and fruit we also enjoyed this pan of biscuits.  I let Cruz help me cut them out.
he said, "oh mommy, biscuits are my favorite!". 

After breakfast we attempted to get a family photo.  Oh what a challenge that was!  Neither boy was interested, but I was determined.  Here is the best I could do-
Our family- Labor Day 2013

On Sunday afternoon Cruz and I made these hats for them to wear.  I googled "ideas for preschoolers on Labor Day" and found a link to these community helper hats.  They were pretty easy to make. And just in case you are wondering PD stands for police department and FD stands for fire department.

Of course Cruz wanted the red one.  He had no problem wearing his.

Ben, on the other hand, wanted no part of it.  He cannot stand anything to be on his head. 

Also on Sunday afternoon Cruz and I made a batch of jello for jigglers.  We put it in the refrigerator overnight and I let him help me cut them out before lunch on Monday.  We used a small star shaped cutter.

our red star jello jigglers for Labor Day

Our lunch was very simple.  We had sandwiches, chips, dip, and jello.  For dessert I made a peach cobbler and we had ice cream to go with it.  It was simple, but good.

After nap time we drove  into Chiquimula for Cruz's soccer class.  Here are a few photos of him in action-

David and Ben hanging out at the soccer field while Cruz had practice

We then drove to the mall food court for supper.   We enjoyed a $5.00 pizza deal (a medium one topping pizza and a liter of Pepsi).  We all love pizza!

Afterwards we hung out a long while to let the kids play on the play land.  They played (wore themselves out) really good.

Bath time and bed time were next on our agenda.   Here is a photo of the boys after their bath playing with their toothbrushes-
all smiles!

and seconds later here they are when we took their toothbrushes away and told them it was time for bed.  Oh the screaming and crying we experience every single day in our home!!!  And I thought girls were the dramatic ones! 

Thankfully in spite of that meltdown (which was one of MANY that day) they went to bed pretty easily and were both asleep earlier than normal.  That made our "day of labor" end on a good note.  Hope your holiday was a fun one too.

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