Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Weekend

Is is really Thursday and I am just now posting about our weekend? It's been a crazy week around here with Cruz's school activities. I'm a little tired, and stressed, and looking forward to the three day weekend ahead. Here are some photos from lately-
I took this photo last week on our trip home from Guatemala City.  We stopped at a McDonald's on the edge of town and before we went inside Cruz jumped up on the bench and said "take my picture with Ronald , mama".  So I did.  I love how he has his shoes on the wrong feet, ha.  Aren't Crocs the greatest with small kids!  I love for him to wear them when we travel because they slip off and on so easily.

Here he is after working his Elmo foam puzzle.  He took the face out, stuck his face in, and walked into our office and said "Look!".  He's a funny boy.

Saturday morning we made a trip to the village of Lagunetas.  I was looking forward to meeting the new baby where we have our Bible study.  He was one week old.  He is the eighth child in that family.  He was precious! 

There is just nothing sweeter than a newborn baby!  He doesn't have a name yet which is very common here for them to wait to give a name.  I'll be interested to see what they come up with.

While I was inside holding the baby Cruz had fun climbing the trees with the other kids.  I think he is part monkey.

I expect a broken bone post to come at any time.

Before we left the family gave us this chicken.  We tried to decline but they insisted we take it.  We felt really bad knowing this family of 10 needs this chicken a lot more than we do but we took it.  I am praying that the Lord blesses them ten fold for their generosity.  David spread out a tarp and we put the chicken on it in the back of our vehicle.  My boys were on cloud nine!  It was all we could do to strap them in their seats for the ride home.  They just wanted to ride with the chicken. 

About five minutes into our trip down the mountain we encountered this overturned truck in the road.  His brakes had gone out and he flipped trying to stop.  Thankfully he was not transporting people in the back at the moment.  We are also thankful there was no one coming up the mountain (especially ourselves) to encounter him head on.  David was able to tie a strap to his truck and pull him back over.  Cruz thought this whole process was the coolest thing he had ever seen.  He thinks his daddy is now like a Superman in his little eyes.  He has talked about what his daddy did all week.  He has also overturned many of his trucks and cars and pretended to flip them back over.   I just love how little kids think their parents can do anything and know everything.  Lord knows that will change soon once the teenage years start. 

We got home, unloaded the car, and let the chicken loose.  The rest of the day was spent trying to protect her from our two overly excited little boys.  They drove that poor chicken crazy!

We do not have any grass or dirt where we live.  Our whole "yard" is a concrete patio.  That is not good for a chicken.   She spent about 24 hours with us and then we took her to our neighbors to hang out.  They have a yard and other chickens so it is a better set up.  She'll maybe be back when it's time to set her on the table (if you know what I mean).

Here are a few short videos I took of the boys when we first let the chicken loose-

I'll end with this photo of Ben.  He loves to look in the oven and see what's cooking.  He also loves to scream because I won't pull it out and give him a bite. 
What's for dinner?  Chicken pot pie (not with our new chicken though)

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  1. That is hilarious about your new pet chicken! So generous of them but at least you found it a home where it can roam happy and free with other chickens! LOL I don't ever want to see my food before I eat it - :-)


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