Tuesday, August 13, 2013

David's 40th Birthday

Birthdays have become a big deal around our house. I think a lot of it is the fact that we now have kids. I also think it is because we live so far away from friends and family and I feel the need to make everyone feel special on their day because there's no one else around to do it. Whatever the reason, we love to celebrate big on birthdays. David recently turned the big 4-0. He's not real big on celebrations and I think I do a lot for him just to aggravate him, ha ha. He's a good sport about it though so that makes it fun. We began celebrating his birthday the night before. We cooked on the grill and then enjoyed chocolate birthday cake.
David with his cake. Cruz helped me put the M&M's on it.

David getting a good morning greeting from the boys on his birthday morning. This is a picture I have taken of him every year since Cruz was born.

This is a picture of his birthday breakfast- banana pancakes and bacon. We always eat on our Celebration Plate for special occasions.

I love to decorate the boys door on their birthday eve to surprise them when they wake up and open it the next morning. Cruz thought his daddy's door needed to be decorated too so he helped me color a few things to put on it. On another note, he also thought his daddy needed a pinata and was very sad when he didn't get one.

We took Cruz to school that morning. When he finished we picked him up and drove into Chiquimula for lunch. Afterwards we drove to the Valle Dorado waterpark in the Department of Zacapa. We checked in, changed clothes, and headed straight to the pool.

This is such a fun place! It is the same place we visited for my 40th birthday. I love that we got to celebrate our 40th birthdays at the same place.

 I love Cruz's excitement in this photo! That boy had a fun time!

me and Ben going down one of the slides with Cruz not too far behind

After swimming we changed clothes and spent some time letting the kids play. They enjoyed this castle the most.

and of course we had to take a family photo

We enjoyed a delicious supper at the restaurant and then went back for a late swim. It had definitely been a fun day!

We got up the next morning, enjoyed a full breakfast, and then headed back to one of the pools.  It was early so we had it all to ourselves.

Cruz kept saying, "daddy, I'm glad it's your birthday" and now he's asking who's birthday is next.


Mid-morning I took Ben back to the room to nap and David took Cruz to ride some of the large slides.  He loved it!  We ate lunch, checked out, and then headed back home.

Cruz fell asleep in the car before we even left the parking lot. The only bad thing is when he woke up and realized we were home he got very upset. He wanted to go back. We all had a wonderful time and have lots of fun memories (and photos) to remember it by.

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