Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Rest Of The Story

Below are a few more random photos I took last week while in Guatemala City.
This picture pretty much sums it up. Here are the boys standing in waiting room chairs looking out the window at the passing traffic below. I am glad that kept their attention many times during the week.

Several months ago we started messaging with a couple from Alabama who were planning to move to Guatemala. We were put in contact with each other by a mutual friend. This family has two girls the same ages as our two boys. We were glad to get to answer some of their questions about life here, especially where it concerns the kids. They made the move recently and we were tickled to get to meet them in person. Sadly Nate was away in Honduras that week so we missed out on meeting him but meeting Erin and the girls was a treat. We have plans to get back together again soon. >
me and Erin with our kiddos

The boys both got haircuts. I got one too (much needed) but there are no photos of it.

After their haircuts and a quick meal at Taco Bell in the foodcourt I gave Cruz the option of riding the merry-go-round or the train. I was surprised that he chose the train. Both of them loved riding it!
Me and my sweet boys boarding the train. Of course we had to ride in the red car "'cause it's my favorite color" Cruz says.

I added this next photo as a reminder of the last time Cruz and I rode the train at this mall. It was the same day I checked into the hospital to have Ben (April 15, 2012). David's mama and aunt were here to help us that week. What a fun memory. I rode with Ben in my tummy and later with him in my arms. I LOVED being pregnant so I can't say which one I liked better, ha ha.
me, Memaw, Aunt Libby, and Cruz

We did not have reservations at our mission house for Thursday night because they were booked up with two mission teams. We thought we might be finished with our check-ups and could go home that day. But, we weren't. We got the TB skin test done on Tuesday afternoon not thinking that you have to go back in 72 hours to have it read. That would be Friday afternoon. Bummer! So instead we had to pack up our things on Thursday morning and find another place to stay. We ended up going right down the road to the Baptist Seminary. They were full with a mission team also but did have one room left. We took it! The grounds there are nice. There was lots of grassy areas for the boys to run around in, ride their bikes, kick their balls, and just play. They really liked it. We really enjoyed visiting with the team that was staying there. They were from South Carolina. They were all very sweet to our boys.

Another thing we loved about staying there was getting to visit with two young guys who we met during our time working with the Kekchi. Their dad is Bro. Federico Ba Sagui who is a Kekchi national missionary in the Chisec region. Many of our former mission teams have worked with him. Two of his sons attend classes at the seminary and both work there. It was a blast talking with them and getting to say a few things in Kekchi. We had a great visit with them and hope to check in with them again on another one of our trips to the Capital.
On Friday morning we checked out of the Seminary and back into our mission house. It was a LOT of shifting around especially with two little ones and all their baggage, but we survived.

This is our boys after we strapped them in the car the morning we drove home. Cruz asked "where we going now?". When we said "home" he got soo excited. He asked us every day when we were going home. He told us all the things he was missing from home and that he was ready to go back. My poor babies had a long week and we kept them either strapped in the car or confined in a clinic for many, many hours but overall they both handled it very well.

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