Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weekend Road Trip

Last Friday we picked Cruz up from school and headed out for a little weekend getaway.  We stopped for lunch at Pollo Campero in Chiquimula and then headed on towards Coban.  On the other side of Tactic is a little country restaurant that we have stopped at many times before when we lived in Coban.  It is a rustic place with a lot of old decorations hanging from the ceiling and on the walls.  It reminds us of an old country store back in the States.  We stopped there for a bathroom/ snack break and to stretch our legs. 

Cafe La Granja

We ordered a slice of carrot cake, a slice of cinnamon cake, two cappuccinos, and a glass of milk.

After eating we let the kids play a while on the large playground area outside.  Cruz loved it!

It didn't take him long to spot the red barn out back.  It housed the many ducks that were running around. 

They sold many homemade goodies and I picked David up a jar of homemade blackberry jelly to go in his Father's Day bag.   

We then drove on in to Coban and checked in to a little hotel on the outside of town.  Some missionary friends had recommended it.  After unloading the car we spent some time walking around outside.

the hotel restaurant where we ate breakfast on Saturday morning

Behind the property was a small Kekchi house.  They had several pigs and chickens running around.  The boys enjoyed going to look at them.  I think Ben would have got down and tried to catch one if we would have let him ha ha.

That night we ordered Dominos pizza delivery for supper and ate in our room.  The delivery special included a pizza, cinnamon rolls, a drink, and a small tub of ice cream.  It was yummy!  We took baths and were all in the bed early.

We took this family photo on Saturday morning before going to eat breakfast.  I am crazy about taking family photos!  I just love having pictures of my little family and know that we will look back at them one day and smile.   I also love reminiscing about the past and photos help me remember things and places.

After eating we drove over to Miss Fran's house for a visit.  After 50+ years on the mission field she will be returning to the States in August.  It's sad to think about her not being in Guatemala, but she knows it is time to go.  We spent the morning catching up with her, and enjoying our visit together.  Would you pray for her as she is trying to get all of her things in order to leave.  It's a huge task and at times can be very overwhelming for her.  Pray that her transition to life in the States would be a smooth one.  She is a true treasure and we are two that have been very blessed to have her in our lives.  In addition to the Kekchi language she has taught us so much about culture and missionary life.  We are grateful for her hard work and dedication to the Kekchi people!

She wanted us to have this glider swing so we got it loaded on our car and took it home with us.  I think we'll treasure it forever just knowing that it was hers.

Before leaving town we stopped by the Baptist mission property.  The boys loved getting to see Precioso and play with him a moment.   We miss that dog!

We ate a quick lunch at McDonald's and then got back on the road.  Our next stop was for a little R&R to celebrate Father's Day.  I'll post about that part of our weekend tomorrow.

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