Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hello, Is Anybody There?

I've not blogged at all this week.  I have barely checked mail, facebook, or anything this week.   Why, you ask?  It's just been one of those weeks.  We're tired.  We all have colds.  They boys are coughing all.night.long and we have had very little sleep.  I usually spend time on the computer when they go to bed at night, but the last few nights I have gone to bed when they did.  Head colds make you feel yucky!   

Also, Ben is teething.  He is finally cutting his first teeth.  Four at one time!  He is getting at least two on the top and two on the bottom.  Two have already broken through the skin and the other two are not far behind.  He's been real pleasant, as you can imagine, haha.  You can somewhat see his mouth from the photo below, if you can get past the messy face.  Ohh, he's turned into a messy eater!
check out that hairdo!

What else have we been doing lately?
we've been entertaining these two little cuties

we've been playing

we've been working in our flower beds

we've been eating 
Here's Ben at Pollo Campero last Friday night on our weekly family night outing.

We found a homemade ice cream machine at a thrift shop in Chiquimula.  We've been enjoying some of that!

We've been cleaning up messes.  I feel like our days consist of them making messes, us cleaning it up, them making messes, us cleaning it up.... I could go on and on.  In this photo not only is there a visible mess, but what you cannot see is all the clear diaper cream smeared all over the floor.  

On Saturday afternoon we got to see Ronald McDonald live at the McDonald's in Chiquimula.  Cruz loved it!  It was a really cute show and we hope to catch it again next time it is in our area.

We've been entertaining friends, the Stoudenmire's.  I'll post about that maybe tomorrow.

we've been laughing

we've just been chilling out together

Life at our house is not always easy.  It's not always sane, quiet, or organized.  But, we love our little family.  We love our life.  And even on the hard days we wouldn't change it for anything in this world. 

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