Monday, February 18, 2013

Making Some Visits With The Parker's

As I mentioned in our last post, Wendall and Jane Parker arrived Thursday afternoon to spend a few days with us.  They are retired IMB missionaries who we worked with for several years in the Coban area.  They were our mentors when we first arrived on the mission field.  They were the best culture teachers we could have possibly had and we learned so much from them.  We are blessed that the Lord placed them in our lives!

After eating breakfast on Friday morning we all loaded up to take Cruz to school.  We wanted the Parker's to see his school and meet some of the workers there.  Cruz enjoyed showing them around.  Before we left we had a time of prayer for Mrs. Jane (the director) and Harrison (the college student/ volunteer).  It was sweet.
Cruz with the Parker's before going to school

After dropping him off we made a few visits.  Recently while driving down the road David saw a Kekchi lady walking.  He knew she was Kekchi by the way she was dressed.  He stopped and tried to talk with her.  She told him the general area where she lived and he promised to come back with me and visit her.  That was on a Sunday.  The following day (last Monday) we both went and tried to find her house.  After asking around we found were she lived.  Her daughter was home but she was not.  She was in town selling in the market.  We told her we would return another day.  Well, on Friday we made another visit there with the Parker's in hopes of getting to see her.  We were all very happy to find her at home.  We spent close to an hour talking and visiting with her.  She is originally from San Pedro Carcha which is right outside of Coban.  She has a sister living in Sayaxche and a sister living in Playa Grande.  All of these areas we are familiar with.  It was just good to reminisce about all things Kekchi.  We had a great visit with her and plan to return again soon with the boys to see her again. 

Afterwards we drove up the mountain to the village of Nearar to make a visit there.  We asked Reyes to hike up the mountain to see us so that we would not have to hike down to his house.  He is the believer there who allows us to do Bible study in his home.  The Parker's spent some time encouraging him and then we had a time of prayer over him.  It was a great visit!
Mr. Wendall, Mrs. Jane, Reyes, David

We returned in time to pick Cruz up from school.  We ate lunch and then all rested a bit.  That afternoon the boys had a blast playing with the Parker's. 
Cruz was very tickled over Mr. Wendall's "funny ears"

playing with Mrs. Jane

Friday evening we drove into Chiquimula for supper.  We usually eat out every Friday night.  This was the fourth week straight that we have had friends to join us.  We love that!  In addition to the Parker's we had David and Glynis Miller and John and Diana Lubeck.  It was a very fun night!  
Ben with the Parker's and the Miller's 
I sadly forgot to take a picture before the Lubeck's left.  We love hanging out with couples like them.  They have so much wisdom and there is much we can learn from all of them.

Ben, me, and my sweet friend Glynis. 
She always encourages me and always has a listening ear when I need to vent or just share my heart.  

It was a fun day and our visit with the Parker's was only just beginning!

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