Monday, February 11, 2013

Heroes Of The Bible Day

On Friday Cruz's school had "Heroes Of The Bible" day.  The kids were told to come dressed as a Bible character.  They asked everyone to use things you have at home to make costumes.  I assume that meant they wanted to keep it simple.  I looked around and just didn't see much I could use.  I do not sew, and I lack in creativity.  I did several google searches for ideas.  I ended up going to a local fabric store and bought one yard of tan fabric and one yard of white fabric.  I spent less than $3.00.  I folded the tan yard in half and cut off a piece about two feet wide.  I then cut a half circle out of the top at the fold to make a circle for the neck.  I put it over Cruz's head to measure the length, and cut it accordingly.  I cut a strip of the white for a belt.  I tucked the tan fabric around him and then tied it off with the belt.  It required no sewing, and very little effort.  I cut a large rectangle for his headpiece out of the white fabric and another long strip for the headband out of the tan.  Overall I think it turned out good.  He loved it and has played in it all weekend long!
ready to go to school

he was dressed as David the shepherd boy

Cruz and David before walking into his school

Cruz and Joselin- one of his classmates

Their whole morning at school was a program about the Bible.  Each student was presented and the director shared the Bible story that went with each costume.  It was just for the students so we missed most of the program.  But, like most everything else here it did not end on time so when we arrived to pick Cruz up we got to see the last 30 minutes of it.  I was impressed and thought they did a good job of sharing the Bible with the students.  I love that he is attending a Christian school.  Not only is he learning language, letters, and numbers but he is also hearing God's word.  They sing praise songs and incorporate devotions into their weekly program.  The director is a pastor's wife and she really has a heart for sharing Jesus.  His teacher is a pastor's daughter.

Here are a just a few photos I took of the program-
Mrs. Jane (the director) is on the left dressed in purple.  Cruz's teacher is on the right dresssed in white as an angel.

this little boy was Samson

This was Jonah and the whale.  He made a really cool fish that he held over his head.  It was a good costume.

It was a fun day for the students.  They all seemed so giddy and appeared to be enjoying themselves a whole lot.  I am glad Cruz got to be a part of it.

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