Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cooling Off

On Monday we took our first swim of the year.  It's been pretty warm around here so getting to cool off in a pool was refreshing.  The water was still a little cool, but neither boy seemed to mind.  They had a blast!
walking to the pool

I think Cruz would live in water if he could.  He's always loves swimming!

David and the boys getting their feet wet

Ben really had fun.  After I got him out, dried him off, and dressed him he was still trying to crawl back to the water.   

We all had a fun time.

On another water note, our town has not turned our water on in over a week now at our house.   Our backup supply tank is running very low.  We are having to be very careful with how we use our water which means very few loads of laundry and quick baths at night.  It is not convenient at all, but is normal this time of year where we live.  It's dry season and we most likely will not be getting any rains until late May at the earliest.  If the town's supply is already getting low I think it is going to be a long few months ahead!

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