Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Saying Our See You Laters

Last Thursday was our last full day in the States.  It is always a hard day for us because we are having to finalize our packing, and say our goodbye's.  I start dreading this day almost as soon as we get home.  It has always been hard to leave family, but now that we have kids it just takes it to a higher level.  I know that we will be okay but I get sad for my kids knowing that they will not be seeing our family members on a regular basis.  It hurts to think that they will grow up and our family will not be a regular part of their lives.  I start thinking about what all our family is going to miss over the next year and I just get terribly sad.  I do a lot of praying and a lot of asking for God's grace and peace to cover me.  God never said following Him would be easy and times like this are reminders of that to me. 

When it comes to packing David and I are not always on the same page.  He likes to bring back just what we need and I am the type that I want every single ounce of my 50 pounds in each suitcase.  If it weighs 49 pounds he is like "oh, that's great".  I am like "oh, I can squeeze one more pound in there".  You can imagine the tension in our home on packing day, haha.  Memaw always comes to get Cruz so we can work. 

Cruz liked playing with his daddy's necktie before it was packed away.

My family always comes by in the afternoon to see us and then we go to David's grandmother's and eat supper with his family.  We have been doing it that way for a few years now.  Here are a few photos of our day- 
Bailey, Ryon, and Cruz
My Aunt Nita came by and brought her grandson Ryon and his friend Bailey to see us.  The boys played together for over an hour that afternoon.  That gave us and my parents plenty of time to visit.

Ben and I with my dad

my mom, me, and the boys

David's mom and Ben

Larsen and Cruz
These two played together so well this year.  We loved watching them be together.  I know they are missing each other a lot!  I cannot imagine all the trouble these two would get into if they were together on a regular basis, haha.

Ben and David's grandmother

Maw Maw and the boys
She is their only living great grandmother/ great grandparent.  My grandmother died this past spring and it was the first year of going home that I did not get to see her.  I was sad about that.

Maw Maw, Ben, and Memaw

We requested to eat catfish again.  We also had fried shrimp.  It was so good!  Our families did a wonderful job of feeding us while we were home.  Anything we wanted to eat they fixed for us- and plenty of it.  We always had an abundance of food and desserts.  We weighed the day before we flew home just for fun and weighed again when we returned.  During the month we were in the States I gained 6 pounds and David gained 7 pounds.  I'd say we ate pretty good!!!

Jackie also stopped by for a last visit with us.  Well, really to see the kids.  She and Cruz had a lot of fun together while we were home.

We love our families and are so thankful for the time we had to spent with them. 

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