Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

I am behind on blogging, again.  I am going to try to finish up our trip to the States this week.  We have been trying to get settled back in and I have spent very little time on the computer.  It is good to be home, but we miss our families a lot!

Halloween day was just like any other day except Sonic was having fifty cent corn dogs so we ate lunch there.  Any excuse for me to visit Sonic will do, haha.  Cruz likes corn dogs and he got to eat many of them while we were home. 

Jackie stopped by after school to see the boys for a minute. 
Jackie, Ben, and Cruz

Later that afternoon we went to our friends Reagan and Malinda's house for supper.  They fixed chili with cheese quesadillas.  It was yummy!  We ate and let the kids play a bit before we all headed to the Fall Festival at our home church in Crystal Springs.  Here are a few photos of our time at their house and at the church-
I tried to get a photo of the boys in their matching shirts but that was not very easy as you can tell from these two shots.

We got the kids dressed and tried to get a few photos of them together before we left. That is hard to do with three small kids!   Sara Madalin was a fairy princess, Ben was a monkey, and Cruz was Elmo. 
our kiddos

Elmo ready to get some candy.  He puts an "n" on it and says "canden"

He played many games.  Here he is with Mr. Eddie picking out a pencil for his prize.

He went fishing

Here he is with Ms. Stacey

He loved getting to eat cotton candy!  He had it all over himself and was a sticky mess, but he had fun doing it.  Jackie was in charge of making the cotton candy and made sure he had plenty.

Cruz with Mrs. Peggy

The highlight of Cruz's night was the large inflatable slide.  He spent close to an hour going down it over and over and over.  He and Sara Madalin had a lot of fun playing on it together.  I think they were both exhausted by the time we all left.
She helped him get warmed up to it.  She would help him climb up the ladder and then held his hand the first couple times as he went down. 

It didn't take him long though before he was solo and even going head first.

Ben just hung out with anyone that would hold him.  He liked looking around and just taking everything in.  Here he is with my friend Malinda.

Cruz with Bro. Rickey

Ben and Reagan

We also went on a hayride which Cruz loved.  He sat with Jackie.  She fed him hot dog and chips.
Look at that face!  He was just a little excited.

me, Ben, Malinda, Cruz, and Jackie on the hayride

Jackie, Cruz, and Nickey

It was a fun day, with fun friends, and we made many fun memories!

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