Friday, October 26, 2012

Lake Chautauqua 2012

Last Sunday morning we attended worship at our home church- Harmony Baptist.  Afterwards we ate lunch at Davids grandmother's house.  They always fix big meals for us and everyone comes and eats together.  After eating we made our annual trip to Lake Chautauqua.  It is in our hometown so we only had to drive a few minutes to get there.  We go every year and walk on the trails, let the kids play, and feed the ducks.  This year the ducks were not around so we missed out on feeding them.  I was a little sad about that.  It is always a fun time for us.  It is so pretty there and peaceful.  We wish we could bottle up some of that peacefulness and take it back to Guatemala, haha.  Here are a few photos of our time there-
our family picture while walking the treetop trails

Cruz riding the see saw with Larsen

he loves to swing!

Sawyer, Larsen, and Cruz

Cruz and Sawyer playing on the pier

our little family

David's mom and sister

On Cruz's first trip to the lake back in 2010 David put his feet in the water.  We had to do the same with Ben.

Jackie was there with us as well and was a big help with Cruz.

That night David attended our Baptist Associations Fall Meeting in Wesson.  Jackie's husband Nickey went with him.  Jackie stayed and helped me with the kids.  We took them to eat at the Mexican restaurant. That was an adventure, haha.  It was a fun day!

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