Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday, Paw Paw

On Thursday we celebrated my Daddy's birthday.  He came over to visit that afternoon.  My mom and Aunt Nita also joined us.  Cruz was excited about us having a "birthday party".  He immediately asked for pastel (cake), a pinata, and dulces (candy).  I had to explain to him that his Paw Paw would not be having a pinata or candy at his "party".   He did not seem very happy about that, haha.  Nonetheless, he was excited and looking forward to them arriving.
my dad with the boys

It was a beautiful, warm day so we spent some time outside playing.  Cruz wore his boots and his new obsession- this pair of mittens.  The only thing missing was something on his head.

playing chase with his MiMi

me and my dad

I made a pot of taco soup for supper.  (The house where we are staying stays decorated for Christmas year round.  That is the reason there is so much Christmas things in our pictures lately.  It is a spare house that David's family owns.  We are thankful that we are able to use it on our trips home).

We got my dad a cookie cake for dessert.  It was supposed to say Paw Paw.

Cruz wanted to help him blow out his candle.

He also wanted to help him eat his icing.  Those little fingers were busy and left prints all over the cake.

yum yum

After eating we left and drove out to David's Aunt Pat's house.  Every year she decorates her yard for Fall/ Halloween.  We try to make it a tradition to visit it with my family each year.   
my dad, Aunt Nita, my mom, Ben, Cruz, me, and David

Jackie lives close by and drove over to join us.  She walked Cruz all around looking at all the stuff.  He had fun with her and asked to play with her again all the way home.  He is getting so much love and attention from everybody, and he is eating it up!

my mom with Ben

It was a fun night and more sweet memories were made.

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